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      Wednesday, February 02, 2022

11:56 AM - 02/02/2022

The topic: I’m still alive and kicking


I have my fingers in so many pies right now, that my mind is on overload ("what should I do next?") and I end up doing not very much. Of course, this cold (for me, anyway) weather doesn't help. If I'm cold I want a blanket over me and, honestly? For the majority of my adult life blanket = nap. Back in my late teens, I'd be at my boyfriend's house and if I got a blanket, his roommate would comment "say goodnight, Dianne".  'Cause I'd be asleep in less than five minutes.

And here we are. The middle of a southern California winter. Most of the nation would consider our weather balmy. My fingers, toes and nose would disagree. Anyway....

So, here are a few things I WANT to do.

Use my We R Memory Keepers Cinch machines and make something with them. They're little binding machines using spiral or those plastic thingies for little books or journals...well, I guess a journal is technically a book. Or calendars or fun cards. So many ideas rolling around in my brain.

Catalog all of my movies. I got this scanner thing last year to keep a record of the movies we have so I wouldn't buy streaming movies if we already had the hard disk. Movies we hope to be watching in our little outdoor movie theater (when the damned weather warms up). I think I mentioned this last year.  So far, I've done the Blu-Ray movies. Seriously, I'm sure we have thousands of movies and I've scanned maybe fifty at this point.

Speaking of the outdoor theater, I updated the page to mention that I decided to ditch the bluetooth for the headphones and just connect them with wires. The sound is immensely better, but...to my ears, it's now muffled. I got a new little device that I hope will allow for the adjustment of bass and treble. I need to test it out, but, damn, it's cold outside! yes

And, let's not forget the 3D scanner kit I got last year. For the business. Brian wants me to do this. It took five months to get delivered. I got it as a Kickstarter and I see it's way more money that we paid for it. Brian wants to make pieces that he'd like his supplier to produce. After the mess he's been going through for the past couple of years, he feels it would be so much easier if he could make one piece, I scan it, then print it out with the 3D printer and he sends the sample and the files to the supplier. That's the plan. I got the stuff set up, felt overwhelmed, put it back in the box and played Candy Crush instead.  So, that's something else on my "to do" list.

I also want to catalog all of my CDs.  Remember I started this last July? Ha! Zero progress made. 14110113

I have projects from the last few years I never shared here. I have photos and movies and they just keep stacking up. I need to get on this! So many fun things I've made! This past week I think I finally found the easiest way to take little movies to show the interactive cards I've done. Got it all set up and tested it out, looks like it will work. Now, to just do it.

And the animules. Lots of photos and little movies, the kittens will be six months old on the tenth. They're growing so fast! To my eye, they still look like kittens, but in photos? You can see the adults they'll become.

I want to reorganize my craft supplies in the garage. Have I mentioned it's cold?  Well, it's colder in the garage. So...that ain't happening any time soon. I've been trying out new kinds of markers and brushes and media, that I really do need to figure out where to put everything so I'm not digging through boxes. Although I finally did get the Lawn Fawn supplies categorized. Which has been a really good thing. Although it appears I lost a couple of dies between my workstation and the envelope where they're supposed to live. Damn it.

And I still need to wash the floors. That hasn't been done since before I got my hip replacement. Boo!

And I don't know if you heard about the plane crash in El Cajon last month. Well, it happened about a mile from us. We heard a weird noise, the lights flickered off, then back on, then went off. The weather was crappy, the airport is behind a hill (you can see the hill sometimes on the backyard camera) and the pilots messed up. Very little damage on the ground, but the plane was demolished and the four people on board died.

We were lucky, our power wasn't out for long at all. But it broke my exercise bike. Pedaling was like walking through thick mud. I got a new one! And it took the two of us about two hours to get it up and running. I promised I'd ride it. It has some programs that I can follow a picturesque route using my phone (which I actually figured out to get running on the extra room television!). I rode it for the first time this morning. I had to. I promised.

I ordered it on Amazon and they shipped us two of them!  WTF?  Brian dragged one into the house and I contacted Amazon and the second box was picked up within forty-eight hours. Those boxes were over a hundred pounds each!  What kind of mistake was that?

I also got the old Wii up and running again. Exploding batteries had damaged the balance board and the wireless sensor. Thank goodness for eBay. Now it works. Brian says we need to start doing something (we haven't walked for a couple of months, my digestive system isn't back on schedule for some reason and it's no fun to be a half mile from the house and try to make it home before there's a nasty situation).

I've been doing jigsaw puzzles! Those are fun. Problem is, not much room and it's hassle to cover every night (kittens, am I right?). I found a case? over on Amazon that seems to work nicely. So, now I can work on one as I want to, not because I need the room.

And that has been my last couple of months. Pretty boring, don't you think?  I'm hoping getting back into an exercise routine helps me to get off of my ass and get things done. I always like making progress and that's something I haven't been doing too much of for the past few years. Bad hip, Covid. I do have a couple of the comorbidities that increase my chances of hospitization, should I contract the virus. I'm obese (there, I said it), I have high blood pressure (drugs take care of that) and I'm old. Yes, I'm totally vaxxed and boosted, we wear masks in public, but I'm not ready to die just yet.

I have stuff I need to get done.

I’m happy to hear that you’re not ready to die just yet!
I think if I were to write out my big “to do” list it would be very similar ... lots of things I want to do just don’t make the time to do them. Also ... the walking .... and overweight .... and bathroom breaks. Esp during Covid there were lots of times I needed to plan our route by where the Walmart and Target are because they had the restrooms open! (TMI?) Anyway .... hope to see photos of the kittens sometime when you get that far. And your movie reviews? Thanks for your update!

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Saturday, February 05, 2022 - 5:16:20 AM

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