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      Monday, June 16, 2003

05:55 PM - 06/16/2003

The topic: I’m not dead!


Monday, June 16, 2003  I’m not dead!  I’m alive!  I’ve just been really busy around the house.  Nothing really exciting, just busy.

My candles from Susie’s Scents finally got here last Monday.  I had emailed her asking if she was ever going to fill the order.  She responded that she thought she had.  Anyway, they got here and I was pretty happy about it.  I don’t know if I’d mentioned the luminaires that we got at Home Depot, but they hold the 4 ounce seamless tins perfectly (I use the tins instead of glass votive holders because they don’t break).  We’ve got four of them, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the family room and one on the dining room table.  The flame is low to the bottom, so it would be really hard for a cat to get hurt.  They look really nice at night, cast a great dancing glow on the walls and ceilings.

I sent out some lvdesigns.com orders this morning.  One of them was the Daniece flower without a background on a black tee.  It looks really striking.  I may make one for myself. 

Hey, I lost another three pounds last week.  I’m down twenty five pounds!  Woohoo!  My mom came by to pick up a “KMFWA” teeshirt and didn’t notice.  Of course, I was wearing baggy sweats and a baggy teeshirt.  Boy, is she gonna be surprised one of these days.  “When?  When did you lose all that weight?”  This weekend I went to CostCo by myself (we got a rewards certificate, a bonus for being executive members, Brian was off playing Rancher Rick at the property) and on the way, I thought “do I want pizza?  I love their pizza.  Or would I rather be wearing a size 10 come October?  Hmmm…pizza/size10…pizza/size10…pizza/size10….”  I didn’t get any pizza.  *grin*  I was so pleased with myself.

Early last week, the clouds finally started burning off by mid-morning.  I have to admit, I was getting pretty blue with no sun.  It definitely affected my attitude.  I was close to tears and in a really bad mood.  But with the sun, I could almost feel the weight lifting.  The cats like it lots more, too.  They’re spending more time outside.  It was much easier to work in, too.

I finally got the fish tank moved last Tuesday.  I had to empty out quite a bit of the water and move it to an end table.  When Brian got home, I had him get rid of my old dresser, still sitting in the living room from when we moved all of the furniture out of the bedroom.  He was waiting on me to move the tank.  I had been waiting on him to make a glass top for the end table.  It’s an old table, but between splashovers from the tank and cats spraying the sides of the tank, it would do a number on the wood (which is just stained).  He brought the glass home last month.  Wednesday, with the dresser gone, I could get to the sliding glass door to clean it.  I spent over six hours washing windows and screens (which I scrubbed with soap and water).  Boy, it looked so much better when I was done.  I’m trying to keep on top of the cat pee as I see it. 

I also did quite a bit in the pantry area.  The bottom has three shelves and I’d been shoving stuff in there for the past seventeen years.  Monday and Tuesday, I got all of the old stuff out (threw out some grungy appliances) and moved all of my candles and candlemaking equipment onto the bottom shelf and neatened up the other two shelves.  It feels good being more organized.  I was lucky that I didn’t have a lot of help from the cats.  It’s usually not easy to do stuff like this with help.  It takes a lot longer to do, but the days I was working on it, it was on the cool side, so they pretty much slept the entire time.  When I showed Brian, all he said was “you sure have a lot of candles”.

Speaking of Brian, I think he’s going through some sort of mid-life crisis.  He’s got a truck down at the shop he’s trying to get running and last week, he dropped a bomb on me.  He’s buying a new (used) Bronco.  And a new (used) backhoe.  Well, he told me that he’d figured out how to pay for this stuff.  His brother would pay for it, then when Brian sold his old backhoe, he’d pay Mark back.  Okay, that sounds alright to me.  As long as nothing is coming out of our meager bank accounts right now.  After all, he’s not really all that busy.  He got the Bronco Saturday before going to the property.  They’re getting the backhoe this afternoon.  This morning, before he leaves for work, he tells me he needs me to write a check for him and go to the bank and cash it so he can pay for this stuff.  Excuse me?  A check?  You need a check?  We owe the IRS a ton of money and can’t pay it, you want me to write a check from our equity account for TOYS?  For frigging TOYS?  Oh, I was mad.  I was so, so, so very angry.  As soon as he sells that backhoe, every sent is going back into the equity line.  That money is there for an emergency.  Toys are not an emergency.  Anyway, I can feel that things might be a little tense on the homefront for a while.  I hate being lied to.  I absolutely hate it.  I told him this morning “no more Traders are coming into this house; and don’t you read your brother’s.  You’ve got a problem, you see something and you want it and you get it.”  Gah, he’s acting just like my dad did.  But at least I’m not having to work to pay for his activities. And he’s not out barhopping or cheating on me.  He doesn’t go out with the boys.  I’d probably feel better about this if he had some good jobs lined up, but he doesn’t. 

Angel has been coming out of the garage more and more, lately.  When she was younger, she’d come into the house and jump up onto the couch so that we could pet her.  As the boys (her brothers) got older, they started bullying and she spent the majority of her time in the rafters. Well, she’s loosening up again.  Last night, I went to sit back on the sofa and she was right behind me.  I gave her a back rub and scritches.  She laid on the floor in front of the fire place after that.  She eventually ended up in one of the catbeds on the kitty entertainment center in the living room. That’s where she usually spends the night.

Lucky hurt herself last week.  She really had me worried.  One of her back legs was all wobbly when she’d walk on it.  I tried putting pressure on it and never found where it hurt, but she wasn’t able to put hardly any weight on it.  I thought about taking her in right away, but I remembered Rusty doing stuff to hurt his leg and how it would get better on it’s own.  Every day since she did it (last Wednesday) it’s been a little better.  At first, it was really difficult to see the difference, but yesterday, there was a major improvement.  She’s almost back to normal now, I’d say 95% at least.  One thing that I noticed is how her appetite has picked up.  She’s eating quite a bit more than she had been.  Yesterday, I even saw her here in the office, eating the dry food I put down in the morning.  And when I got home from shopping yesterday, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house.  She’d gone outside and was sleeping on the pillows under the kitchen window (the ones you can see on the patiocam).  It’s been over a month since I’ve seen her out there.  Since before the vet diagnosed her ear polyps.  Good news on the Lucky front!  And there is even more.  The only time she’s spending sleeping on the stove now is at night. She spends the days on the sofas in the family room.  Just like before!  Good deal!

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m sure glad the sun is out.  Sure does my spirit good.

Omigosh ! 25 lbs.!!!!  You’re incredible! I haven’t been to your site in awhile and just popped in to see the great news!!! Way to go!

Sue :D :D :D

Posted by Sue @ Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - 4:26:04 PM


Did ya get your star magnet?  It’s a great reminder that you lost 25 lbs! :D

That’s quite an accomplishment and I’m sure your Mom will be stunned when she realizes… wink

Posted by Allyson @ Thursday, June 19, 2003 - 10:16:04 PM

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