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      Sunday, September 08, 2019

02:27 PM - 09/08/2019

The topic: I’m keeping busy or sleeping


I'm not crying as much today, that's good.

It helps to have something to keep my mind occupied. I pulled paper for more holiday cards (I got started on them a couple of weeks ago) and the stack is here at my work table, the Cameo is out here, but either Spotty or Lorelei are sleeping by it, so I just leave it. I need to get started when they aren't up here. I don't have the heart to disturb them.

Friday,  I'd finally had enough of Brian's tantrums using Horde mail for his company mail. His frustration was well warranted, but the problems he had were nothing I could fix. It was a buggy system. When he sent responses or quotes, he'd have the mail opened while he either looked through his photos for the ones to attach to the mails as examples of what he would supply, or other information and the mail would time out. More often than not, he'd lose everything he'd typed. The auto draft didn't always work. Or it would time out and he'd have to log back in, once again, everything he'd done, gone.

And he'd get upset and aggravated. I'm not exaggerating when I say this would go on for hours, because he had to get these emails out. Without quotes, no orders. So much time wasted with an email program that didn't work right.

If I wasn't in the mood (which I usually wasn't), I'd shut down my PC, get up and leave the room.

And, like I said, Friday I'd had enough. I thought about it and I kinda sorta raised my voice back at him. I was frustrated because any time I tried to get him to use something different, if there was some little bump, he'd just give up and go back to the loathed Horde. And I told him I would like him to try Gmail. I'd set it up, there would be a learning curve, but in the long run, I thought it would be more stable and he'd have less problems with it. He was willing to try.

So far there have been a couple of glitches, but handling them was fairly straightforward. Things like the contact form information wasn't rendering properly, instead of breaks between the input fields, it was all one long paragraph. So, I had to modify the contact form to fix this, but I had to update the software to do that since the version I was running was from 2013. Uploading would not work with that version. Updating the software fixed that. (Then one of the data fields (sender's email) wasn't copying over to the "from" line and it kept giving me an error message that it 'needed a properly formatted email' message before it would upload but through trial and error, I finally got that to work.) Another problem was when he responded to a request for quote email (via that form) in Gmail, a copy was sent to his email as well, not just the sender. Not a major thing, but it was bothersome to me.

Anyway, it looks like most of those things have been resolved. He's sent a couple of quotes and it's been fairly quiet in the office.

I've learned some tricks along the way as well, like having incoming mails sent to their own folders and not the inbox.

It is nice to keep me occupied, though.

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On and off, have checked in to see how things are going with you and the cats (since about 1999) I used to love watching the cat cam, and would read all the stories. Glad you are still writing, and caring for the cats!

Posted by Claudia G @ Sunday, September 08, 2019 - 5:05:22 PM

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