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      Saturday, May 23, 2020

03:14 PM - 05/23/2020

The topic: I’ll be introducting Ike later this weekend


Long story, long night, I'm beat. Nooby is not a fan of stranger kitties.

I only got four hours of sleep and that was after the growling and posturing had died down somewhat. Little Bitty Dog was having a blast, I was not. Only wearing a teeshirt and my underwear, a spray bottle of water in one hand, a Maglite flastlight in the other and it was cold.  I took a half of a Xanax around two this morning and fell asleep on the sofa with Lorelei in my arms.

I've taken pictures, he's a really friendly sweet boy, not a full grown adult, but his testicles sure look like it. No jowels yet.

I grabbed him (scruffed him, really) as he was hanging onto the top of the fence with one paw hanging on. A pretty long drop awaited him. It was about 11:30 last night. As mentioned many times, this is a bad neighborhood for a free range cat. Pupping season is here and the coyotes have kids to feed. If he has owners, there are two problems. He's plenty old enough to have been neutered by now and you just don't let your cat roam the neighborhood. Seriously, you don't see many cats around here. There's a reason for that.

So, he has a home here. I'll be making an appointment for him to be checked over and then neutered. One of the things I hate about the stay at home because of Covid (I'm not complaining, we do what we have to do, we don't wear tin foil hats in this house and we'll do our part) is the vet visit. I make the appointment, we call the clinic when we get there and they come out to collect the carrier and we wait until the exam is done. And discussion with the vet is done via cell phone.

So, I'll be making a longer post with photos later. Once I'm not so tired. I've been pretty busy this past month, we're doing fine,  Mario got a new blood pressure med. But more about all of that later.


I’ll look forward to the longer story when you are rested grin

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Monday, May 25, 2020 - 5:48:41 AM

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