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      Sunday, February 21, 2016

07:58 AM - 02/21/2016

The topic: If you’re wondering where I am


I'm busy. I'm busy. (I usually say this in a really snarky voice to Brian when he asks me to help him do something; I should record it someday, it's kinda funny. And then I help him, because I'm really not busy.)

But, really, I am. Kinda. Busy. I'm slowly getting into the spring cleaning thing, I have no idea where I used to get all of the energy to do it in a week. Well, I never hit my closets or my dresser, which is sad, because now I only wear what I can pull out of the front of the drawers. *lol* Seriously. I have clothes in my closet, just sweet, cute adorable little tiny outfits that I wore before I got married (with the weight gain that goes with that marriage certificate for so many of us, the reality of ever wearing this stuff again is long past). And I have no progeny to go through this stuff when I die saying "what the hell, mom, why did you save this?"  (Which reminds me, yesterday was the anniversary of my mom's passing. Hope she's having fun.)

But, closets and drawers be damned....


I love every single one in Mary's new kit and by golly, I'm gonna make every single card in that kit and send them all out to various people I know. Not sure who yet, but I will send them out.

First up will be the bunny card. I have the pieces cut out, well, multiples because I want to do some experimenting embossing with glitter. This card so much reminds me of the little Easter egg dioramas I'd get as a child, I never wanted to eat them, I just wanted to look at them in amazement. How did that bunny and those eggs and flowers get into that sugar egg? I want the "outside" of the card to look sugary. I'll be doing this today, because this coming week, I'm gonna clean the floors and walls (up to the level where Bob can spray on them - have I ever mentioned how high this little cat can spray his urine?  A good foot and a half. No wonder the coyotes never ate him when he was at my mom's house, they smelled his scent and ran away with their tales between their legs at the very idea of this huge kitty). It's supposed to be warm, so it's a good time to wash floors and walls, they'll dry quickly.

So, that's my week. Cards and cleaning. Woohoo!


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