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      Thursday, August 03, 2017

07:15 AM - 08/03/2017

The topic: I think we have a virus


First was DaNiece. Then, last week, Sagwa got pretty sick.

Scary sick. He quit eating, drinking, he had a hard time walking, when he did he was hunched over like his tummy hurt. He stumbled and could barely stand up.

I didn't catch it right away because of that stupid cold I had (spent a lot of time sleeping). But this past weekend, I worked on getting him better (the bad stuff usually starts on Friday and I don't want to take a cat who isn't in immediate danger of dying to the emergency clinic; you know, like urinary blockages, trouble breathing, obvious thrombosis). I gave him cat food with a syringe, switching to on my finger since I had better control of the delivery.

We gave him fluids every day and would help him get from one place to another. He spent a lot of time in the clover or on the grass, in the meatloaf position. Last week into the weekend, he didn't sleep much.

This week he started to get better. Tuesday he was very interested in food. He ate a small amount of chicken breast, a couple of pieces of kibble and some soft cat food. Yesterday, he ate more.

This morning, his walking is much, much better, his appetite has definitely picked up and he's sleeping like cats do. Curled up on the steps. He's lost weight, though. He's always been a skinny cat, but we need to get some weight on him.

The reason I think we may have a virus going through? Last night, Ron Howard was off. He's lost weight. But he was in much better health than Sagwa or DaNiece to start with, so I think he'll fight it off better. But I'll be grinding up some l-Lysine to put in their food tonight and for the next few days, to boost their immune systems.

I know this weather we're having doesn't help. Hot and muggy. And as much as I loathe doing it because of the cost, the air conditioner has been running for three days now. Not so much because of the heat, but the humidity. Last night, I think there were only two cats in the yard, the rest were in the house.


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