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      Sunday, January 18, 2009

08:44 AM - 01/18/2009

The topic: I just love Marco to death


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But sometimes he does things that scare the hell out of me.

The past couple of weeks, he’s started going up in the rafters in the evening when I prepare the cat dinners.  With the majority of the other cats, this doesn’t bother me.

But Marco is seriously overweight.  The only toy he plays with, we can’t use any more, not since I saw that Ron Howard was eating them (the little sparkle, porcupine mylar balls, the one inchers…Marco won’t play with the larger ones).  He had the bad injury to his hip when he fell off of the railroad ties when the neighbor dogs rushed the fence,and he’s just not a spry cat.

He jumps up on a cat tree and from the cat tree to the top of a storage cupboard, those big rubber things with doors, and from there, up into the rafters.  Then he can’t get down.  He walks from one side to the other on boards, but when he thinks he can negotiate the 2 x 4s, I get pretty shaky.  I’ve gotten him down three times, Brian got him down the night before last. 

Then I see Potter on top of one of the cupboards.  Potter, with three legs.  I’m able to get him down and I’m ready to tell Brian to fix it RIGHT NOW so that the cats can’t get up there.  I’m serious, I was having heart palpatations.  I didn’t, what I did do was move the cat trees, something in my control.  And since I did that, I haven’t seen Marco up there.  Oh, I did see him sniffing around the cat trees, but he was on the floor, where it’s safe.


Good thing I never had kids, huh?

Two of the cats next door get on the computer desk, up on the printer. From there on top of the bookcase and over to a cabinet mounted on the wall.

They also jump from the top of the fridge across the kitchen to the top of the freezer. Flying cats.

Posted by Norah @ Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 10:22:37 AM

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