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      Sunday, August 21, 2016

mrs. crankypants
01:30 PM - 08/21/2016

The topic: I have to share the news


I absolutely hate my washing machine. I love my clothesline, hate the washer.

It has no agitator. I didn't really how much difference the agitator makes.

Clothes don't seem to get as clean as they should. I just washed two sheets and a lightweight bedspread. The sheet on the top came out okay. The other sheet, when I hung it up, had all of this fuzz and dirt (?!!!?) in creases. The bedspread still had quite a few stains on it.

I hit the spread with Spray & Wash and put them back into the washer on high, pre-soak, and hot water. They're soaking right now. I just checked and the water is filthy.

Never again. I will never again have a washing machine without the agitator.

I will never buy another washer with out an agitator and with the low water level! Clothes are never clean! And getting the pet fur out of blankets and stuff? Not happening! Welcome to the “we hate our washers” club!!!

Posted by Mandy @ Monday, August 22, 2016 - 8:28:26 AM

lisaviolet's avatar

Mandy, does your machine have a “bedding” setting? That fills the machine much higher than a regular wash.

After the second time I laundered the sheet and bedspread, they came out okay. I asked Brian how the sheets felt last night when he slid in between them and he said “niiice…”

Posted by lisaviolet @ Monday, August 22, 2016 - 9:17:06 AM

It has some sort of ‘more water in the washer’ setting, but it’s still not enough water. Hubby is a plumber, so you can guess what I have to clean off his clothes! I usually end up washing his stuff twice, and there’s no fill the machine with water and let it soak for several hours either, which would help with the plumber clean up! HAHA I got this washer because it had the largest tub I could find but never again will I have a low energy/low water washer!

Posted by Mandy @ Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 7:20:26 AM

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