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      Wednesday, April 16, 2014

08:27 AM - 04/16/2014

The topic: I have a lot to share


Which I'll get into in later posts. It's been a very eventful week and it's only Wednesday. Don't worry, it's all good. sick (Hey, if I'm breathing, it's good, right?)

Last night we're eating dinner and because of stuff I was doing Monday, Brian fed the cats for me. I knew we were low on cat food so I asked him "how much cat food is left? How many days worth?" He looked at me and said "how many cans do they get for dinner?" ("The same amount you fed them last night?" was what was on the tip of my tongue, but instead I said "two".) He said one. So, we had enough food for the cats for dinner last night.

And none for Miss Elizabeth and Georgie in the morning. Well, we'll figure something out for them. (And we did, they both got chicken, George got his in the kitchen by his box (I'll have to tell you about his box) and Miss got hers in the bathroom - but when I checked on her, little Potter came running out of the bathroom, I never even saw him go in, so I was pretty sure she didn't get very much, I gave her more, but I digress...what's new?)

We're laying in bed this morning, it's a little before six and I said we may as well get up now. And one of us mentioned going shopping this morning, Brian said "how about now?" We got up, he took his shower, I brushed my teeth and did my morning stuff and off we went to WalMart. Got six twelve can cases of Friskies, three large bottles of Gain fabric softener (price drop...take advantage when we can) and some more containers (Rubbermaid Take Alongs) for the food I send over to his mom. They have some that have dividers in them, they're not huge, but it's perfect for the meat and starch on one side and the veggie in the small spot. 

We drove through Jack's and got breakfast sandwiches and coffee that's how our day started.

It was nice being out so early. The weather's been on the warm to hot side and it's cool this morning, lots of humidity, even some fog coating the taller hills. Reminded me of drill team camp when I was in high school up in San Jose.  I was going to school at Desert High on Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert, so early morning humidity wasn't very common.

Good memories.

Anyway, I need to decide what I'm going to do next. Or what I'm going to post next, I need to get photos in order.

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