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      Thursday, November 14, 2002

09:21 AM - 11/14/2002

The topic: I found a flea!

Thursday, November 14, 2002 I thought I saw a flea on Mystie last night and I went through her fur with just my fingers and couldn't find any. I know that was a flea, so I got the flea comb out and there it was. This isn't a fun find, because now I now I have to put Advantage on all of the animals. Some place around here I've got a chart with all of the cats' names (even Lola's :waaah) and a spot for the date I dosed them. Blech, this isn't something I'm looking forward to.

DeeJay is doing much better (knock on wood). He's doing his morning piss and moan thing (music to my ears) and he's really fighting his fluids. One of the things that had the vet so worried was that DeeJay was so compliant during his testing. Not at all a good thing. This morning DeeJay is outside and cruising around the pool. I hope it's just because he's checking things out, not that he's looking for a place to have the runs. He does seem more energetic than normal, I don't know if this is good or bad. And he's a lot more affectionate, to the point of demanding to be held.

I woke up this morning to the smell of burning rubber. Not a good thing to wake up to. I realized it was coming from some place fairly close to me, like Boney's butt! Dang, I can't let him lick my chicken and pasta bowl any more. Peeyoowee! :puke Nasty to smell so early in the morning. When I got up, I checked the house for any areas of diarrhea and found none. And when it was light enough, there was nothing on my pillow (I'm changing the bedding anyway today, because little Miss Ciara peed on my side of the bed a few mornings ago; not where I'd be laying, but they need to be laundered).

Brian still hasn't decided what he's going to drive on his trip. At first, it was supposed to be his truck that wasn't working, he was hoping it would be running by the time he's supposed to leave. Well, then he decided he wanted the Bronco (NO!! Not my Bronco!!). Then he said he'd take his work truck, it would be easy enough to remove the glass racks. (Whew!) Then, he said he wanted to take the Bronco. (NOOOOOOOO!!!) His thinking is along these lines. He can't take the Ranger because the transmission is ready to go out (we don't even take the Ranger to Disneyand). His truck, even if it was put together, well, he doesn't want to take that because it's newly fixed and undriven. He doesn't want to take chances with that. Which is understandable. He's reluctant to take the work truck because it has a nice paint job. That leaves the Bronco. Now, I don't want the Bronco to go because it's so darned convenient for me. My problem with the Ranger is that it's lifted and that's not really a problem unless I have to go shopping or, God forbid, have to take Junior to the vet. When I go shopping, say to Costco, I load the back and by the time I get home, everything has slid to the front of the truck bed and I have to climb up onto the tailgate to get into the truck (being short has it's drawbacks) and push everything forward again. And let's not even think about Junior. When the tailgate it open in our driveway, it comes to about my chest. And I'm supposed to lift a fifty plus pound dog up into it? Even putting him in the front is hard, and he just loves to lay on my lap when I'm driving which isn't safe at all. And if he positions himself just right, I can't turn the steering wheel. But in the Bronco, if we have the seats up, he can safely lay between the back gate and the seats. He can't position himself to climb over the seats and he's still inside with me. The Bronco isn't lifted, so getting him in is easy. And the same reason it's good for Junior, it's good for groceries. Chance are that I won't need to take him to the vet, but what if I do? I told Brian "fine, take the Bronco. If Junior needs to get to the vet's office, I'll take the Mustang". :argue Well, that didn't go over too well, but I'm not going to throw my back out lifting the dog. I'm just not going to take that chance. Remember years ago when I threw out my back so badly I couldn't even walk to the bathroom? The computer was down for almost a month because I couldn't make it back to the office. Maybe I'm just being selfish. I think the health of my back is more important than the paint job on the truck. Well, it may not really matter anyway, depending on the weather.

We were eating salad last night and I stuck myself in my lip with the fork. It hurts. I also cut off about four inches from the back of my hair. It feels a lot better. I asked Brian this morning if it looks better. He didn't know if it looked better, but it looks thicker and cleaner (more evened out). So how could that not look "better"? :hair

I hate waiting for the memory I ordered. I can hardly wait to get it in and see if it helps with the speed of some of my programs. I sure hope it does, that would be so very nice.

Last night, while we were watching television, we heard a cat fight back towards the office part of the house. Annie went tearing into the bedroom and behind the bed. I didn't see any other cat, so I figured maybe she'd gotten a claw caught. This morning, I saw dried blood on her ear, so I guess she got into a little slap fest with some other cat. I've got no idea who it would be, though.

I saw all five of the outfronts last night. I've been concerned because I hadn't seen SpotTee or Repete since the weekend. What a relief that was. And late last night, I heard the coyotes cry. I hate the coyotes. Their song chills me to the bone. Many consider it beautiful. I don't.

We walked up to the top if Icky Hill this morning. Since it was the shoes that were bothering my toe (I put a new insole in and I've got to figure out what to do with it, since I realized that's what the problem was) I washed my other pair and was okay to go this morning. I also took my little Chameleon camera. You know when the weatherman says "locally dense fog"? Here's a picture of the El Cajon Valley. That fog is pretty local and pretty dense if you ask me.

Guess I'll go change the bed clothes and then crochet on my afghan. It's coming along nicely. I crocheted yesterday while watching old movies on television and doing laundry. It was pretty relaxing.

:D I see you wuv to way in your momma’s wap. woof, woof. Me too. tee hee, tee hee. I like to way all over tha place and be wuved on. I especially wuv to be petted wight under my chinny, chin, chin. :hehe: Woof, woof my doggy pal, Junior.

Posted by Niki the sweet girl poochy @ Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 10:14:03 AM

kitty barf, cat pee, and hair in everything! that is my life too. :D

If it weren’t for my cats I’d have lost my mind a long time ago. raspberry

Posted by Meowmy "D" & the cats n kids @ Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 5:09:03 PM

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