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      Wednesday, June 07, 2017

07:27 AM - 06/07/2017

The topic: I feel almost human this morning


This is the best I've felt in over a month.

I'm taking one of those 800mg Ibuprofens in the morning with food. Yesterday, my Advil PM got here from Amazon and I took two of those last night. My sleep cycle has been all messed up.

For some reason, I was only sleeping about an hour at a time, then I'd wake up, needing to urinate. Drag myself down to my bathroom and I didn't full on urinate at all, it was, as my mother would call it, a piddle. Like, why even bother? But the urge was there. So, I didn't get much decent sleep for the past month.

Monday night I slept in bed for the first time in two and a half weeks, I was under the covers. I had nightmares, one being my legs were paralyzed. I tried moving them and I couldn't and I almost woke Brian up it was so scary. What the problem was, what the problem has been for years is Mario and Rory. They get so close to either side of my legs that I cannot move them. And with how iffy my back is right now, I couldn't just start kicking them off of me. Which I've done in the past.

My fix is not to get between the sheets, but sleep on top of the spread with a couple of lightweight fleece blankets on top of me. For some reason, moving a cat away from me is easier this way. But it was a truly scary feeling.

So, last night, around 8:30, I took the two Advil PMs, we went to bed at nine and I actually slept for three hours before I woke up. To the bathroom, back to bed, back to sleep for another couple of hours. Sleeping more than an hour at a time is awesome. I have a bunch to catch up on, but this is a start.

My right butt cheek is still sore, but each day it's a little less.

Looking forward to being pain free.

And catching up on housework. I have lots of laundry to fold and put away. There was a load of shirts that need to be folded (Brian did his, bless his heart) and there are towels and blankets that need folding. I ran the Botvac yesterday, the floor is absolutely nasty. But I need to run an actual, full sized vacuum and get under furniture. So much to do.

But Brian will stop me before I overdo it. He's my hero.


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