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      Thursday, November 28, 2002

01:20 PM - 11/28/2002

The topic: I don’t have a baster!!!


Thursday, November 28, 2002  Well, here it is, Thanksgiving, my bird is in the oven and I can’t find the stinking baster anywhere.  And now that I think about it more, I couldn’t find it the last time I wanted it.  Now, wouldn’t you think I’d have added it to the list of things to buy?  Stupid, stupid, stupid. :banghead And don’t you think I would have added it right away to the list today?  Nope, I still haven’t.  I did find an old syringe that we had way back when to give Kirby fluids, which we never did.  So, I washed it up really good and I’m using that.  Not as good as a real baster, though.

I’m a little worried about DeeJay.  He’s not eating much again and I weighed him and he’s lost more weight.  But then his weight really seems to fluctuate.  And this morning I heard his belly burbling, so I gave him Immodium and a couple of hours later gave him a half a periactin tab to stimulate his appetite.  He doesn’t seem to be feeling badly, he’s just so thin.  I hope he isn’t crashing on me.

It’s a nice day here, a little on the warm side.  Brian called last night and he’s not run into any bad weather at all.  He did say he thinks his mom is getting worn out from all of the traveling.  I bet she’ll be really glad when they finally get home.  She is enjoying seeing her kids again, though.  Brian was more animated last night when we talked than he’s been.  He said he took a bunch of pictures yesterday and he’ll be taking many more.  He said he’ll likely have to put in another memory card.  Good!  Hearing that helps me feel like I didn’t waste money buying them.  Colorado is a beautiful state, especially with snow. 

Ah, I love the smell of a turkey in the oven.  Yummy!  After I get done with this entry, I’m going to take a shower, then finish preparing dinner.  I have to peel potatoes and cook and mash them, do some peas or maybe string beans, the gravy, and that’s it.  I think I might have a very old can of cranberry sauce in the pantry.  If not, no big deal.  And I got my cheesecake yesterday.  This is going to be so good!

Can you believe this?  Just out of curiousity, I opened a can of Friskies Mixed Grill for DeeJay, mixed it with a little water and he’s eating.  He’s been eating for about fifteen minutes!  Usually, he picks and wants out of the bathroom.  Kewl.  Now, pray the he doesn’t get the runs and he can keep it all down.  If junk food is what he’ll eat, junk food is what he’ll get.  You know, at one point I thought we were maybe on the way to him eating his kidney diet, then his appetite took a nose dive.  He threw up a couple of times and I found little furballs.  I didn’t realize that his system was so fragile that the little he threw up was enough to turn him off of food again.  *sigh*

Hey, I got the crafting forum up:  Benny’s Forums.  It’s at the bottom and you’ll have to register before you can post.  Registering really helps keep out the troublemakers, I’ve found.

Darn, the neighbors have company and now Junior is starting to bark.  Good thing I’m home. Remember that one year they hosed him?  We weren’t home and it was night?  And it was shortly after he’d been diagnosed with diabetes.  Boy, was Brian hot.

Let’s see what else have I done the past two days? Well, yesterday I went to the bank on my way to the chiropractor.  Boy, was it windy!  I was really glad I had the Bronco, because it wouldn’t have been any fun in the lifted Ranger.  I could actually feel it pushing the Bronco.  Not a good time for high profile vehicles to be out there, that’s for sure.  There were even a couple of sprinkles on the windshield, but not much to speak of.  I’d sure like to have it rain.  I like the rain.

I don’t know why those kids can’t play on the other side of the yard.  I wish Junior would just come over here and lay down.

Well, I’ve got stuff to do now.  I may come back and add to today’s entry.  I took pictures of the food before I started this morning.  *lol*  There was a moment I wondered if the bird would fit the roasting pan.  Oh, DeeJay’s done!  I hope he keeps it down.

Later….  Well, I just wanted to make an entry of what I learned today while it’s still fresh in my mind.  Dinner was absolutely wonderful.  I wish Brian had been here, I think he would have loved it.  Oh, well….

On to what I learned.  Okay, we all know I learned that it would be a good idea to check my equipment before cooking a dinner that had some special needs.  I learned that a meat thermometer is worthless after having been washed in the dishwasher.  I learned to check my flour when I haven’t used it in months.  What a surprise it was to see a thin layer of paprika over the entire top of the flour.  Except paprika doesn’t move like that.  I learned that the people who supply turkey don’t forget to put in all pieces, you know, neck, heart and liver.  Just because all you can find in the big cavity is the neck, doesn’t mean there’s not another cavity with a little bag of goodies.  I learned that cooking that bag of goodies won’t make you sick and the heart and liver cook nicely.  I learned that even though the meat has set for a half hour after taking it out of the oven, it’s still really, really, really, really hot next to the bone.  I learned that an eighteen pound turkey has an awful lot of dark meat.  I learned that an eighteen pound turkey has even more white meat.  I learned that cooking a turkey with all of the fixins still makes a big mess in the kitchen.

So, that’s what I learned today.  I’ve got a few more things to clean up in the kitchen, then I’ll start the dishwasher.  It’s turned out to be a lovely day.  It was a little warm, 75? I think was the high outside, a bit warmer inside, especially in the kitchen.  Since the sun has gone down, the breeze has picked up.  When I took the well wrapped carcass out to the dumpster, I noticed some big water drops, so it appears there might be a little rain on the horizon.  That would be superb. 

Well, off to finish cleaning, then sit back with a nice big piece of pumpkin cheesecake.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, too.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  :D

Posted by Lisa @ Thursday, November 28, 2002 - 5:24:04 PM

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