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      Tuesday, March 20, 2018

01:05 PM - 03/20/2018

The topic: I did something today I haven’t done in years


So, we're supposed to have this huge rainstorm starting tomorrow night. I swept the patio late this morning and looked out at the lawn that hadn't been mowed in a while.

Since his cancer treatments, Brian's schedule has been pretty wonky and he's trying hard to keep up with work, but it's difficult. We'd discussed doing yard work this weekend and he was going to put the new camera up on the roof.

But we got a notice in the mail yesterday that our landline wasn't going to work anymore when they did the upgrades to our telephone system (going digital). Our landline has the FAX machine. So, I called and found out that the line would just go dead if it wasn't taken care of. I'm really reluctant to have peeps in my house, just because. But if I let it go and the line does indeed go dead, we'll need to pay for a technician to fix it. Something needs to be done to the box outside and possibly something inside.

A telephone modem. I'm still not clear on what needs to be done, I found nothing about it on their website. (Note to self: take a Xanax before calling for things like this...) I made the appointment for next Tuesday.

But the office needs to be cleaned, for sure. I mean, down on my hands and knees, washing under the desks clean. I am not looking forward to this. There's always the possibility nothing will need to be done, but just in case....so, there goes my weekend.

So, I'm sitting here thinking that it would be nice if the lawn was mowed before the storm hit. I said something to Brian. He said "go ahead". I blink. Then I say "okay".

And, for the first time in years, I mowed the lawn. More activity than I'm used to, but the lawn is ready for the rain. Brian set up a large trashcan for me to put the clippings in and I filled that baby to the top.I tried to dance like that guy in the drug commercial, you know, the one where he gets up from his desk and walks away from the camera and his pants are stuck in his butt crack. And at the end, he's mowing the lawn in a circle, doing this dorky little dance. My back was having none of it.

Yay me!


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