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      Saturday, August 20, 2016

08:09 AM - 08/20/2016

The topic: Hydrogen peroxide


I love this stuff. We get two bottles for $1.99 at Costco. I use it to clean up cat poo. We have two cats who don't use the litterbox, the two oldest. Mystie and Pete. And their stool is often loose and when it happens during the night, most of it is dry in the morning. Oh, I can wipe up most of the solids, but there is always a little residue left and if I put some of this peroxide on it, let it soak and soften a bit, it wipes right up.

I also put it on Q-Tips when I clean out my ears. I love it when it bubbles.

Another use that I REALLY appreciate, is cleaning the grout on my kitchen counters. White tile, white grout. And over time, stuff gets stuck in it. I'm not big on cleaning and, even though there's still scrubbing involved, it's more of a fun thing for me than a work thing (which is why I do my best to not overdo...I'm one of those people that when something actually becomes a job, I become resistent to finding the joy in a "job" well done; and I don't do it).

The bottles we get at Costco don't have special lids with holes in them. They just pour it out all at once. But they do have a safety piece of aluminum over the opening when you take off the lid, to insure that it hasn't been tampered with. I keep this little safety paper in place and poke a hole in it with a needle. And now I get a nice little stream of fluid. Whatevs, it works for me.

So, yesterday, I was wiping down the counter and the bottle was close at hand. I grabbed it and squeezed some on a couple of grout lines and left the room, letting it soak and work. A half hour or so later,  I grabbed a stiff brush (it looks like a big toothbrush) and started scrubbing the grout. Whoa, how nasty is this? All of this crud is coming right up. I did the worst counter twice and last night did the side that wasn't really bad. Another nice thing about peroxide is its bleaching abilities.

My counters look mighty fine this morning. Brian clearly isn't as enthusiastic about how nice they look. "It's old grout."  Yeah, I'll remember that little comment....

But they sparkle! Yay!



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