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      Monday, March 27, 2017

08:46 AM - 03/27/2017

The topic: How often are you happy a weekend is over?


I am this morning. It was a very unnerving time here at the cat house.

We were watching the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" Friday night. It had some pretty graphic parts, pretty noisy. I took off the headphones and walked to the other side of the house. DaNiece was just laying there. Odd.

Then she got up and stumbled when she tried to walk. NO!!! Not DaNiece!

My mind started racing. When her brother, Richie was diagnosed with thyroid, the vet said sometimes there are problems with the heart. And that's what killed him. Since then, I watch her often. Watch her breathing. Compare it to the other cats. So far, it's not been noticeable. I think sometime in the past year or so, she lost her hearing. So, like deaf cats do, she has a tendency to get loud.

I picked her up and felt her back paw pads. Warm. I massaged between the toes. She flexed. Okay, my first scare was that she'd thrown a blood clot. Because she still had movement in her legs and my playing with them didn't seem to bother her, I ruled that out.

I figured maybe she'd had a back spasm. For a while now, I'll see her walking and her back end just kind of drops. Then she readjusts and walks as usual. I thought maybe it was just really bothering her. Brian had heard the commotion and came running into the hallway. He carried her back into the tv room and laid back on the loveseat, cuddling her. She wanted down.

I told him to hold her so I could trim her claws. Maybe she was getting caught.

Well, it didn't help. I think she was having mini seizures.

My mind went back over the day's activities. I'd applied Advantage to the cats earlier. The same stuff I've been using for years. I got as much of that off of her as I could. Not that I considered it was the cause, but it's not going to hurt to remove it.

I stayed on the sofa most of the night. She was nervous, spending a lot of time walking from place to place. Laying on the floor. Because she was vocal during the seizures, I wanted to be able to check on her right away. I finally fell asleep around four in the morning. I'd checked for her location and she was in the garage on a runner. Not stretched out, but kind of meatloafed. I figured she'd be okay. I went to bed. Still dressed, I just put a blanket over me.

Saturday, she slept a lot. She ate as usual and things seemed to be back to normal. She slept outside on the big pillow under the kitchen window. Until Saturday evening. Then it started again. She didn't have violent seizures, they lasted less than a minute. I could hold her and comfort her until she relaxed.

She wanted down and I let her. I found her in the laundry room, trying to go out the door. I opened it. I let her out. She walked out, sat for a few minutes, then climbed up onto the big pillow. There was a cloud cover so I wasn't concerned with the temperature. If she was most comfy there, she could stay there. I closed the back door and opened the sliding  door into the living room, enough for her to come in if she wanted.

I checked on her through the night. At 3:30, when she was still asleep on the pillow, I went to bed. Fell asleep.

Yesterday morning, she wasn't on the pillow. She had come inside and was eating. She went into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed. I fed her a jar of baby food. She ate the entire thing, a spoonful at a time. She was a hungry girl. She slept. She ate. She pottied.

We kept checking on her.

Last night, the magic time came. Would she seize again tonight?  Time would tell.

I had left the sliding door open, in case she wanted out. She did. But it was cooler last night. She came back inside and went to bed.

Since I hadn't done much of the paperwork I'd planned on doing this weekend, I started working. It kept my mind busy. I had gotten far enough around nine to quit. She was on the bed. Her activity level had dropped from the previous two nights. She was resting. When we finally went to bed at ten, she was still there. She had a good night, no seizures.

So, I think she'll be okay.

When I saw my first kitty seizure, it was Rusty. I rushed him to the vet, but the vet said there really wasn't much he could do since he hadn't had another. Over the next few months, I did find the trigger for his seizures, it was a staccato sound. So, we proofed the house as much as possible to keep it from happening (a spoon in a plastic glass, the wind blowing the vertical, vinyl blinds, a slipped drill).

There was nothing like that Friday night. Maybe it was the Advantage. Which I will never put on her again, just in case. I just don't know.

I do know that I'll be watching her even more closely now.

DaNiece and her remaining siblings, yesterday morning in bed. Sammy behind the pillow and Opie above her. That's little DaNiece relaxed and stretched out. (Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.)

DaNiece on the pillow under the kitchen window yesterday.

I slept last night. Woke up more than I normally do, always looking for her on the bed. And she was there.


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Glad to hear she is better…they always worry us when they are not feeling well because they cannot tell us what is wrong…

Posted by Suzanne @ Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 1:22:52 PM

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