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      Thursday, November 24, 2005

09:56 AM - 11/24/2005

The topic: Happy Thanksgiving!


Well, got up bright and early this morning, had a most excellent night’s sleep, the best in a week or so.  I think that might be because I finally got my woman parts checked yesterday.  I’d been nervous about this, not because of the checkup, but the doctor didn’t really thrill me last year.  He pushed so hard on my abdomen when pushing up from the inside checking for lumps that didn’t belong that I was sore for days.  I swear my innards were bruised.  Anyway, it went pretty smoothly, nothing hurt, and we talked about property values.  *lol*  It was a huge relief to get it over with. 

Yesterday, I started to get everything together for today’s dinner.  I made the sweet potato casserole and the green bean casserole last night.

I got the custard ready for the vanilla bean ice cream and I did the ice cream maker thing this morning and it’s in the freezer.  Right now, I’ve got peppermint candy ice cream in the maker and will shortly be putting it in a bowl for the freezer.

The pumpkin pies are in the oven as we speak.  They should be ready soon.  When I get those pulled out, I’ll start the stuffing for the turkey and when that’s cooked, I’ll bring the turkey in and pull the giblets out and put the stuffing in.  I’ll do a sage rub, I think, then put the turkey in the oven and start waiting for the house to be filled with the fragrance of a turkey roasting in the oven.  Yum!

Then I’ll have a couple of hours when I don’t have anything on my cooking schedule.  I can do a little housecleaning, picking up, litter boxes and take my shower.

Then, around two, I’ll start my bread machine to make rolls (I pulled my crescent rolls out of the freezer and read the instructions this morning; the instructions say “do not freeze”....heh….trash) and while they’re rising, I’ll make the mashed potatoes and creamed peas.  When those are done, I’ll transfer them over to crockpots and keep them on the “warm” setting.

Around four, I’ll pull the bird from the oven,  put the two casseroles in (they haven’t cooked yet) and right before Brian starts to slice the turkey, I’ll put in the rolls to cook.

Doesn’t it sound so good?  This will be the first Thanksgiving for a few of the cats and I’m sure they’ll like it, too.  I think I need to get three spray water bottles, though, so we can all eat in peace.  jesterA

Have a great day!

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