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      Saturday, July 09, 2022

07:39 AM - 07/09/2022

The topic: Goodbye, Spot


Towards the end of last month, I found a lump on Spot's belly. I bumped up his lactulose and fluids, hoping it was just stool in his colon.

When four/five days of this didn't work, we got  him into the vet on the 27th of June. The news wasn't good. He had cancer. He had lost four pounds from his visit in April. He was anemic and his blood tests were not good. The lump I found were actually his glands. Both the glands on his belly and in his neck were huge because of the cancer.

We brought him home, knowing that his time would be short.

We took him in on Thursday to say goodbye.

There were no vets at the vet's office, the regular vet has Covid (along with her six month old daughter). The other vets that come in weren't available. The first opening was 1:45 Friday. Brian would be out of town.  Knowing that Spot was miserable and was quickly going down hill (it was very hard for him to walk and he had the hundred yard stare), we knew it was time.

I called the local emergency vet but their number was continuously busy. I called the practice that the receptionist from our vet had moved to at the beginning of this year. (I also texted and called her, leaving a message.) They referred me to a couple of walk in clinics after letting me know they weren't taking new clients. Our friend didn't come in until eleven that day. I called the closest walk-in and was told as long as we were there by 4:30, they could perform the euthanasia.

I hung up and told Brian. If this is what we had to do, this is what we had to do.

The phone rang. It was our vet's office. One of the techs is licensed to do the procedure, but they wanted to get the vet's okay before letting us know. We could bring Spot down at anytime.

We were there before noon. His passing was quiet and peaceful (we were the only clients there).

It had been ten years since his PU surgery. We almost lost him that year (look back to October 2012). We figure we had an extra ten years with him.

I miss him so much.

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Awwww ... hugs for you. Glad Spot is not suffering. Wow what an ordeal to have to go through at the end.

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Wednesday, July 13, 2022 - 5:23:41 AM

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