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      Friday, February 26, 2016

mrs. crankypants
11:11 AM - 02/26/2016

The topic: Gee whiz


So, you're on a drug that makes life normal, the rage that used to build up over little piddly ass things has finally subsided and you've been on it for four months, as well as your newest blood pressure med, you call the doctor's office three days before you run out, so the script can get filled in time. I called because I wanted to see if I can get more than 30 days at a time. It's cheaper and a lot more convenient to buy in bulk.

Then you get a call the next day that you haven't seen the doctor in a while, you'll need to come in. A while? Last October? Four months is a while now? Seriously?

My mother-in-law who is in her late 80s goes to the same doctor. Once a year. Brian goes to the same doctor. Once a year. I've been going to this doctor. Once a year. Why four months?

I tell her (it's not her fault, she was just passing on the information) that my insurance will not pay for the visit. That surprised her. I told her they'll pay for my annual wellness exam, but anything other than that, we have to pay for until we reach our deductible ($6K each), then we can pay the co-pay of $70. A new thing this year since we're on the cheapest plan we can have that allows us to see this doctor. That was at 11:30 yesterday morning.

So, I called CostCo this morning to see if my prescriptions had been called in. They have! Yay! Both of them.

Not cooking dinner tonight! Shopping trip!

Personally, I think it’s a money making conspiiacy and maybe the insurance companies are catching on.

I take a drug, have for a while, they won’t refill it unless I come in every 3-4 months.

Same prescription, same everything. Money…

Posted by BSC @ Tuesday, March 01, 2016 - 12:14:38 AM

lisaviolet's avatar

Well, it’s wrong.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Tuesday, March 01, 2016 - 4:02:24 PM

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