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      Tuesday, January 05, 2010

12:31 PM - 01/05/2010

The topic: First time this year


I'm sitting here with my hair piled on my head, having put some of this in my hair.  (I bought two boxes, a must for my length, at Rite-aid last month, anticipating freshening up my do.)  Even though it’s “non-permanent”, my hair definitely stays lighter after use, long beyond the time specified on the box.

I haven’t done my hair since last September.  I wasn’t going to do my hair and I could probably get away with not doing it again, but I like the white having a little blonde in it, you know?  The roots were probably about five and a half to six inches in length. Brian trimmed about an inch and a half off a couple of weeks ago, making my hair a little happier to have the dried ends gone.

We started walking again yesterday, after not walking for a month because of my tumble down the hill. Well, I did tumble, but not down the hill, I stepped on a piece of loose asphalt and my left foot went sideways, spraining my ankle.  I had an ankle brace on my left ankle and my bunion brace on my right foot.  Nice.  Real nice.

But it was good to be walking again.  I needed that.  A new year, a new outlook.

And we’ll be hitting Disneyland sometime in the next two weeks because our passes expired on Christmas day and you cannot renew them online if they’ve expired.  I understand if you go to Disneyland and renew them there within a month of their expiration date, you’re still entitled to the $20.00 per pass. And when the passes are over four hundred dollars each (the rewards from our Visa Chase cushioned that blow), we want our forty bucks. 

And my hair will be fresh!

It must be the right day for it because I did mine too.  I use Nice n Easy though in a lightest brown colour.  Now I feel better.  Grey roots show up a lot more with darker hair.

Posted by Norah @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 - 8:42:54 PM

Let us know when you’ll be here, we’re itchin’ to go!

Posted by Chance's Mom @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 - 9:16:08 PM

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