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      Wednesday, August 17, 2016

10:18 AM - 08/17/2016

The topic: File this under “How cool is that?”


I have muliple ear piercings. Four in my left ear, three in my right. I have lots of earrings, I used to play with changing them on a daily basis, back when I worked, choosing earrings took more time than picking out what I was going to wear.

Well, I still have lots of earrings, but I don't play with them like I used to. I find something I like, then just leave it in. Right now, my left ear has some small, flat, created opal earrings, same size for each hole and I have some very tiny diamonds in my right ear. I think a pair of those is 1/4 carat TW. The problem I have is the backs. I have some rubber backs that harden over time and it's a pain to remove them, but I do it every once in a while. Then I put new backs on.

The last time I did this, I didn't use backs that held on well enough. And three days ago, one of my little tiny diamond earrings wasn't in my ear. I looked around the house for it, but Botti had run earlier and I'd dumped the tank and the trash was picked up yesterday. I was sad because I've tried to find decent CZs for the ear, but they end up getting cloudy over time. The only CZ I've ever bought that didn't cloud was Diamonique from QVC and I can't get them this small. I figured I'd just find something else tiny in my earring stash, maybe gold balls or something.

I didn't run Botti yesterday. I was working on finishing up the last three bank reconciliations and the noise would have been a distraction. But he needed be run, he was born to run. It's in his DNA. This mroning, I took his cover off and started him up.

He does this thing where he tries to go where no Botvac has gone before. And there's a reason for that. They don't fit. Case in point, the stand my Cameo is on. The one under my work table.

I'm sitting here, checking out FB and Botti tries to clean under the table. He gets part of it done, then decides to clean under the Cameo stand. He backs up, tries again. He's not going any deeper. It's not gonna happen. I'm watching him just to see how long it takes. I notice the brush on his side, the one that brushes debris from along edges and corners isn't spinning. Which means there's something caught up in it. Like strands of my hair. I pick him up and take off the brush, pulling the hair and fur from it. When I put it back on, I noticed a bunch of cat litter in the track, so I kind of shook him, dumping the litter on the floor. I set him back down to run and was looking at the little bit of litter on the floor and guess what was there?

My little tiny diamond earring! I picked it up and washed it off and it's not bent or anything!

How cool is that?

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