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      Tuesday, June 06, 2006

10:50 PM - 06/06/2006

The topic: ER vet tonight


I would have gone alone.  Really, I would have. Brian didn’t have to go with me.

Earlier today I gave Ciara some goat’s milk.  It was the most she’d lapped up in a week that I knew of.  And shortly after she lapped it up, she started breathing really fast, took a couple of steps, then fell over.  Scared the wee out of me.  I watched her closely after that.  She seemed to do a little betterk, got a little more rested. 

I stupidly didn’t look at the directions for the mail in ballot.  They couldn’t be mailed in today, they had to be hand delivered to a polling place.  I called Brian up earlier and said “you want to take me to dinner?” and told him what I’d (not) done and what I needed to do. He got home around seven, I grabbed my ballot and we were out the door. I dropped the ballot off, we figured we’d go to Taco Bell for dinner, we hadn’t gotten their food in a while.  We got six supreme tacos (three for me) and Brian ordered a green bean burrito and a quesadilla.  I was looking forward to my tacos.  Get to the window to pay and we’re told “sorry, we just ran out of taco shells”.  Can you believe that?  TACO bell runs out of TACO shells?  What’s up with that?

We passed on TACO bell for dinner and tried Arby’s.  We both got market fresh sandwiches, then Brian asked for a large order of potato cakes.  “I’m sorry, we’re out of potato cakes”.  WTF?  We got our sandwiches and came home.  I didn’t finish mine and pulled out a bunch of turkey to share for the kitties.  I gave Handsome a bunch, then gave Ciara a little. Brian had gone back to the office by this time.

Ciara did that weird breathing thing, then the falling over thing.  I wigged out.  I went back to the office and told him “I’m taking her to emergency, she’s dying, I just know it.”  Sometimes, the internet is a bad thing, you read all of these symptoms and start thinking the worst.  At that moment, I was a prime example.

He covered his computer and grabbed his hat and keys and I got Ciara.  He took her out to the car, I fed KittyMeeze and we were off.  We got to the hospital at 8:10, signed in at 8:12, and finally saw a doctor after 9:30.  He listened to her history, then did an examination of her.  Her temp was a “little” high at 104.1. Her respiration, her breathing, was fast.  But her heart and lungs were clear. So, whatever was going on, wasn’t her heart or lungs, she wasn’t going to keel over.  She was in no immediate danger of dying. He felt her back and she was very tender from the middle down to the bottom.  Her fast respiratory rate and temperature could very well be from the pain she’s experiencing in her back.  I’d mentioned having an eleven o’clock appointment with her regular vet tomorrow and he asked what we wanted to do.  He said that he could give her an injection for the pain tonight so she can have a good night’s rest and let our vet do any additional tests, or we could let the ER do the tests, which would be costly.  He assured me that she was in no danger of dying by tomorrow morning. 

We opted for the pain killer.  The total bill was $100.04.

On the way home, I kind of got the feeling that Brian was a little pissed off.  He wasn’t, he understood how this is for my peace of mind.  But then he said “you just go overboard when it comes to the cats, like when you can’t find one; you start getting upset and yelling for the cat, which upsets the cats.”

I can’t explain it.  I don’t know why I do this, it’s not a conscious thing, I just get so frightened and worried about them. When it comes to humans, I can be logical, but with the cats, logic just goes out the window.

Anyway, we’re home now, Brian’s in bed, Ciara’s sleeping and I’m waiting for my Excedrin to take hold. 

I really need some sleep.

I completely understand how you feel. I would of done the same. If god forbid something would have happened to her in the night and you hadn’t taken her in, you would have been really hard on yourself. You did the right thing. I hope your vet can find the problem and Ciara is on the right road to recovery.
I freak out when it comes to my cats too but, I might add it’s the same with my daughter. A little sore throat and I think it’s strep.
They are your kids.

Posted by Melanee @ Wednesday, June 07, 2006 - 7:17:57 AM

If one of MY cats had keeled over like that breathing fast, we’d have been at the emergency clinic in record time.  Your cats are your kids just like mine are my kids and you’d take your kid to the emergency room, so why not the cat.  I hope you and Ciara are both feeling better this morning!

Posted by Lisa @ Wednesday, June 07, 2006 - 7:21:38 AM

I can sooooo realate! My son thinks that I am a crazy cat lady and maybe I am. Animals rely on us and they can’t tell us how they are feeling. I (and many others) have been in your shoes many times. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You care, and that is a good thing.
Take care and good luck.
P.S. How is that Handsome man doing?

Posted by Kathy B @ Wednesday, June 07, 2006 - 6:46:51 PM

Please let us know how Ciara’s doing; we’re all worried about her.

I had to laugh about Taco Bell running out of taco shells. In the small town where I live there USED to be a Denny’s, but they went out of business. One of the many reasons it failed is that they kept running out of eggs!

Posted by Beth @ Thursday, June 08, 2006 - 4:06:02 PM

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