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      Thursday, June 15, 2006

08:53 AM - 06/15/2006

The topic: DVD sale


Okay, I checked my list twice and am pretty satisfied with the ones I ordered.  One of the sets I got was the first year of Boston Legal.  I love that show.  When I was cruising the site, checking for shows I knew I liked I looked into the Legend of Brisco County. 

That was such a fun show, very entertaining.  It hasn’t been out on video yet and it’s just one of those things, every once in a while I check to see if it’s available yet. Well, it is!  Well, not really out yet, but it’s due for release next month, so I advanced ordered it.  Didn’t get to take advantage of that 20% discount, but so what? 

I did find it online where someone was selling it for $99.00 last month, but that wasn’t the official release, that was just someone selling video that they’d recorded from the television.  I wanted the real thing.

We didn’t watch it when it was first out on Fox, but we caught the reruns on TNT on Saturday mornings. It was so neat to sit there eating our cereal watching a western, it was just like when I was a kid.  Sky King, Roy Rogers, et al.

Woohoo!  Next month!

Okay, since no one else said anything I will admit that we really liked watching Brisco County Jr.  That is the one with Bruce Cambell correct?

We were disapointed when it was canceled. I’m one of those people who like B movies, and have watched a few of Bruce Cambells. Okay, all of them. Love Army of Darkness, I also tried to watch his series that he started a while back. It didn’t do well.  Was a spy or something for a president and worked with a female. Can’t remember the name of it. It came on shortly after they cancel Zena.

have you seen Cut throat Island with Gina Davis?  She isn’t one of my favorite actresses, but thought that was a good B movie. Good humour.

Anyway, I just thought it was cool that you were getting the DVD.

Posted by Wilkal @ Thursday, June 15, 2006 - 6:58:33 PM

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