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      Friday, August 10, 2018

10:28 AM - 08/10/2018

The topic: Did a little testing this morning


I really wanted to try etching the blank I'd painted red. By the time I was satisfied it was completely dry (Brian said forty-eight hours, it actually took well over a week!), it was stinking hot (I stunk), my hip was giving me fits (setting up the new television kind of did that). I did a little on my big project, which I've set aside for the time being (yeah, waiting on those beads from Hong Kong).

So, I figured I'd start early this morning. I wanted to work on this yesterday, but Sagwa decided he was going to just sleep on my worktable. I moved him a couple of times, but he always came right back. I already had the design figured out and ready. While I was getting set up, Brian came in and talked me into running the air conditioner. Just for one day. If it wasn't so humid, I might not have gone along with it, but I hate the humidity. So, A/C is on, set at 80°. At least I know it will dehumidify the house, if just a little bit. It was 76° this morning outside and 81° in the house. We ran both house fans (whole house fan, attic fan) overnight, hoping to bring cooler air in, but it didn't happen. We'll have at least one day of comfort this summer. I dread the bill, though.

So, A/C is on and I've got the Cameo going, etching. (See my previous post where I share links to the websites I used for instructions.) And I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's not perfect, by any means, I have more learnin' to do, for sure. I need to figure out the fill part so the tool etches more of the interior of the design. And I need to be more mindful of the placement of the blank so the design is straight, not angled like in my test blank.

Ready to etch: the contact paper placement is lower on the mat so that I can work with the placement of the blank without roller interference. I have it two inches from the top and the blank is set between the rollers so they don't rub it when it's loading and unloading.

The design.  I did my blank placement design first, which I used to cut out the top part of the contact paper. Then I placed the design I wanted etched in the in that design. When I was okay with the design placement, I moved the outer design, the guide, if you will, off of the mat (you can see it on the right, in the grey area of my workspace - you know, click on the thumbnail and you'll end up in my photo gallery, with a much larger image available.).

Etching is finished.

And the finished product. You can see why I have to play around with the fill more. The inside of the text still has too much red in it. And you can see why I have to be more mindful of placement on the cutting mat. My mom would tell me "a galloping horse wouldn't notice it", but I'm no galloping horse. I don't care for the downward angle of the text.

The backside of the blank. My dinos.

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