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      Thursday, June 22, 2017

12:05 PM - 06/22/2017

The topic: DaNiece update


So, she's officially been on her meds seven days yesterday.

And, she's showing improvement. Her poops aren't wonderful and they aren't consistent, but at least there are some solids in them. Before, it was just brown watery stuff. Now, it's a mixed bag. The really watery stuff isn't happening as often. And she's making it outside to do her business, no more foot long splats outside of the litterboxes. Those are no fun to clean up - no fun at all.


I had to call to get more metronidazole. She's supposed to be getting two doses a day, .6ml each time. I doubt there's enough to take her through the weekend. I don't understand this, why didn't I get enough to start with?

Her appetite has picked up and yesterday, she actually purred a little. It's been a while since I've heard a purr from her. And she's started grooming herself again. Not a lot, but each day she goes a little farther in her cleaning. First her face, then her face and paws and ears and a little on the back. Small steps.

Her ribs aren't looking so prominent now that her belly is starting to fill in. She still is pretty bony, but she is putting on a little weight.

The past couple of days, she's in the kitchen in the morning when I'm fixing breakfast, crying to be fed. This is a good sign.

Anyway, another week on the meds, then discuss her progress with the doctor. If she's not doing better, I think she'll want to treat her for inflammatory bowel.


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