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      Tuesday, June 13, 2017

05:52 PM - 06/13/2017

The topic: DaNiece update


She's lost over four pounds since her last visit. Which was over five years ago. She's sixteen years old now.

The vet was very happy with her bloodwork. Very happy. There were a few values that were a little high, like her liver values, but at sixteen years of age, the vet isn't overly concerned.

She does have bacteria in her ears, got medication for that. And to help with her diarrhea, she's getting immodium for two days and metronidazole for two weeks.

The vet gave her fluids today and I'm supposed to give her fluids each day. Hopefully, this will help her get over this diarrhea bump she's on.

Oh, and her thyroid level is up, I have to up her meds for that.

I can do this.

And she should start feeling better tomorrow, when the fluids she got today kick in. The vet said if these meds don't help, it could be IBD or cancer. If it's one of the two, my money is on the IBD.

But the news wasn't horrible/awful. It was actually good.

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