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      Thursday, April 13, 2006

10:05 AM - 04/13/2006

The topic: Credit cards


You know I’ve been hit by fraud twice this year.  Citibank is right on top of theirs, but I wasn’t having the same luck with my Chase Disney card.

I initially reported potential fraud on February 3rd.  Even though I called before the charge was authorized (the company who was providing the service called our house, I told her repeatedly I would not authorize it, I didn’t make the purchase, I wouldn’t pay for it), it somehow still made it through.  We immediately cancelled my card and two weeks later, I called again wanting to know when the paperwork for the fraudulent charge would get here.  “It takes about two weeks.”  Two weeks later, I called again.  It finally got here in the middle of March.  I filled it in promptly, both Brian and I signed it and I sent it back.

Still, the $530.03 charge remains on the card as a balance due.  I’m not going to pay it.  Then there’s the interest.  It’s been on the card since February, after all.  I called again on it last night.  I talked to the accounts department, who put me through to the fraud department.  And she passed me on to the fraud department, saying something about a credit on the account.  (WTF, I thought I was already at the fraud department….)  I relay the story to the guy on the phone.  He needed my old account number, I don’t have it.  But he was able to go backwards from my current account number.

Wow, look at that, a credit balance.   For $530.03.  Lovely.  They were able to transfer the balance due amounts, but not the amount credited from the company who originally made the charge.  He said he’d transfer it.  I asked about finance charges.  He credited those, too.   I asked how long the credit had been there.  “Oh, a couple of weeks.”

Lovely, just lovely.

At least it’s one other thing off of my mind.


Credit card companies = bloodsucking monsters.

No offense to any nice credit card company employees.

Posted by Lisa @ Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 1:55:23 PM

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