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      Thursday, June 29, 2006

07:51 AM - 06/29/2006

The topic: Ciara update


It would seem she’s getting feeling back into that leg.  And it hurts!

Last night, after I’d given her the nightly dose of meds, I shut the door.  About a half hour later I checked on her and she was laying in the litterbox. She’d pooped.  She wasn’t there long, I picked her up and put her back in the carrier and cleaned up the stool.  The night before she didn’t make it to the litterbox, she went on the towel.  They’ve all been nice firm stools so they’re easy to clean up, no mess.

But the fact was she made it to the litterbox.

This morning, I thought I’d do something nice for her.  I was thinking about getting the big crate cleaned out and putting some towels in it, then putting it at the side of the house, in the shade, so she could spend some time outdoors.  I also thought maybe I could put the baby gate across the door to my bathroom, where Ciara’s been living since the 20th, so that she could get some fresh air and watch out the door.

The door was open, the baby gate up when I gave her the morning meds.  Brian came along and was talking to her and she started to get restless. She doesn’t like the meds and I have to wrap her in a towel to keep her from getting stuff all over her fur.  I thought that was the problem and I took the towel away as soon as I was finished admining the meds.  She was still restless, twisting this way and that.  I picked her up and put her in the litterbox.  She wanted to go the other way.  It dawned on both Brian and me at the same time that she wanted out of the bathroom.  He quickly removed the baby gate and shut the door.  I put her back in the carrier and placed the lid on the top (with the carrier door removed).

I think because she’s not feeling so funky and depressed, she’s getting restless.  And we can’t take a chance with her reinjuring herself.  So, in the bathroom she stays, with the door shut.


Maybe she’ll be ready next week.

One thing I noticed is that when she settled back into the carrier after I put her there, she was holding her bad leg’s paw at the proper angle, with the toes on the bottom, not dragging it with the top of the paw on the bottom.  Just a fluke?   Or is she actually starting to get some muscle and nerve action back?

I’m cautiously optimistic.

That’s the most encouraging news I’ve seen with her. Restless is good and it sounds as if she’s feeling better and wants to be out and about.

Posted by Norah @ Thursday, June 29, 2006 - 11:43:59 AM

No, it is not a fluke.  It is a definite sign that she’s regaining control of that leg.  One of the first ways a vet checks for nerve damage in the hindquarters is to hold the animal up so their leg is extended and just touching the table, then flip the foot over onto the toe and see if the animal can flip it back.  Ciara being able to right that foot is a very, very good sign.  I think you can safely shave a couple of degrees of cautious off that “cautiously optomistic” outlook! smile

Posted by Noofies @ Thursday, June 29, 2006 - 11:45:07 AM

lisaviolet's avatar

She can’t right it, not yet. That’s why I was wondering if it could just be a fluke.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Thursday, June 29, 2006 - 12:53:41 PM

I still don’t think it’s a fluke.  You said she appears to be getting feeling back in the leg.  That’s a good sign.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some voluntary movement was responsible for that paw being in the correct position.  It really does sound like she’s improving.

Posted by Noofies @ Thursday, June 29, 2006 - 1:37:18 PM

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