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      Monday, April 03, 2006

09:01 AM - 04/03/2006

The topic: Ciara


Ciara continues to get better.  Yesterday afternoon, she went outside and slept in a little catchair for hours.  When I got the cats in for the night, I let her stay out (it was still light outside, damned daylight savings time). for a while.  I kept checking in on her and at one point, she spent close to fifteen minutes grooming herself, spending most of that time cleaning the ear that had the ointment put in it. 

I held her for a while this morning and rubbed her head and face, scratching behind her ears and on her neck. She purred and purring is a healthy thing.  There was an article in the paper a while back (I’ll try to find this online) that said cats who purred got better more quickly than cats who didn’t.  The article said it’s supposed that the low level vibration helps the body recover.  The purring was music to my ears and I did my best to keep her doing it.

She ate about a quarter of a can of AD (nothing wrong with her appetite) and she stretched on the scratching post, maybe working some of the kinks out.  She’s not as active on the post as normal, though. 

Of course, I’m still wondering what might have happened.  It’s possible she tried to jump up on the desk and in her weakened state, slipped and fell onto the floor. Which doesn’t have any carpeting, it’s just cement.  It wouldn’t have been a long fall, but if she did it just right, she could be pretty sore.

I started giving her Arnica on a regular basis thinking it couldn’t hurt and just maybe it would help somewhat. 

But she is improving so I’m going to hold off taking her to the vet at this point.

I am so glad to hear she is better!

Here is a link to one article about the healing power of a cats’ purr:

How are you feeling these days? All this rain is wonderful for some but I worry about those in the burn areas.

Take care,


Posted by Mary @ Wednesday, April 05, 2006 - 10:28:17 AM

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