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      Saturday, March 05, 2005

01:36 PM - 03/05/2005

The topic: Cats, it’s about cats


Saturday, March 5, 2005 Feh.  Declawing.  Feh. :banghead “Some people have their reasons, reasons other people may not understand, but their valid reasons anyway”....Yeah, like the email I got from someone expecting kudos because they declawed their cats so their cats could hang with them in the backyard and not go over the fence. :B-no Reasons?  Nah, excuses, justifications, trying to make themselves feel better about themselves because they mutilated their cats.  Ignorance, I understand, because vets push it as a side order to spay or neuter surgery.  I’m so glad that more and more people are starting to do some investigation into in before having it done.

Save the furniture?  We’ve got thirtyfour cats for pity’s sake.  Our furniture isn’t in shambles.  The cat trees are, but the furniture isn’t.  For one thing, the cats DO have plenty of their own furniture to tear up.  And another thing, I keep our furniture covered, unless company is coming over.  Hey, it’s not lovely, but it saves the furniture from dust, cat fur, cat puke, pee, whatever…and it also keeps it from getting scratched.  Not that they try too much on the furniture.

If it’s not done for the direct health of the cat, if it’s done exclusively for owner convenience, it’s a bad thing.  And I ain’t gonna change my feelings about that, ever.

And don’t try to convince me that it’s comparable to spay/neuter.  Did I mention we have thirty four cats?  Someone, somewhere, didn’t spay or neuter in the past and let their cats roam and that’s why there’s so many cats at our house.  We did start to spay and neuter those roaming cats and now the population is down.  Figure Little Bit had eight kittens last year, all by her little old self.  Lord knows how many more Carla would have had.  Doesn’t take long for the population to get up there again. Spay/neuter also has some direct health benefits for the cat. Declaw only causes problems, doesn’t fix anything. Except the owner having to take a little more time with kitty.

Feh.  Absolutely disgusting. 

Which reminds me, I have quite a few stories to put up, I haven’t updated those in a while.  Maybe today is the day.

DeeJay is regaining some of the weight he’d lost.  He was back up to 6.12 yesterday, up from 6.08 last week.  I sure wish the glucosamine/chondroitan would kick in.  I know it can take up to two weeks to show any improvement.  His back legs are just so weak. I wonder if maybe he might have hurt one by jumping up or jumping down on something.  I trimmed his front claws last night, I still need to do the little side claws on each of his front paws.  I noticed him getting caught in things, so this might help a little.  His mind is as sharp as ever, it’s his body that’s not doing so well. 

What timing.  I just checked my email, got a rant from someone who disagrees with my views on declawing.  Started out nice enough, then started in and I hit delete without even finishing it.  Moron. And according to the stats, they only hit two pages before deciding to tell me off.  It seems almost like they angrier they get with me, the more okay it makes what they’ve done to their cat. Oh, well, they’ll get theirs someday, Karma is pretty good like that.

We haven’t seen Carla in a couple of days. There were a few mornings I went out and hardly any food had been eaten, but KittyMeeze was there waiting for breakfast.  The past two mornings the bowls have been cleaned out, but still no sign of Carla.  I hope she’s okay. And it’s so good to see KittyMeeze here.  He’s my morning miracle, I swear.  If I don’t see him snoozing on the bank, I’ll usually see him up in the cathouse.

Mickey and Sammy got dosed with Advantage this morning.  They’ve both been scratching and biting at themselves, so I figured it was time.  Mickey has been doing so well, his fur was almost all grown back in.  I hope I caught it in time.  Something else I just thought of is mosquitos.  With all of the rain we’ve had, they’re going to be a definite problem.  They’ve already started and it’s only March.

The other day, the doors were open and Opie came flying through the yard and into the house.  Curious, I went looking for him and saw him in the bedroom, next to the bed, licking quickly at his right haunch.  My guess is he laid on a bee.  He tore out of the bedroom when I went in to check on him and I later found him up in the rafters in the garage where he was none the worse for wear.  Good.

And speaking of bees, Jackson was very involved with something at the sliding door.  I just ignored it for a while, but when there were five cats checking it out, I had to see for myself.  It was a bumblebee.  In the house, between the open slider and the fixed panel.  The problem would be getting it out without hurting it or having a cat go after it.  I ended up getting a big plastic cup and a heavy piece of paper, quickly cupping the bee with the cup against the glass and sliding the paper between the glass and the cup.  I took it outside and tossed cup, paper and bee onto the lawn.  The bee flew away, I brought the cup in and threw out the paper.  Whew. 

It’s a pretty nice day today and to celebrate, the doors and window are opened.  Little Bit knows I open the door for her now and she waits in her hole, head sticking up, until I back off enough for her comfort, then she climbs up, walks over to the door and walks outside.  A far cry from the dashing she used to do.  She doesn’t much dash anymore. And when she walks I’m seeing things about her I didn’t know.  Like she has a little limp.  I’m not really surprised, because she spent so much time crossing the street and this could be why KittyMeeze went missing at one point (I’ve found that cats can be very protective and comforting of an ill or injured cat friend and KM is no exception).  Yesterday morning I watched her stretching out on the cement of the patio, going over to her back and just rolling back and forth, back and forth.  She looked really, really happy, content.  It made me smile.

Well, that’s cat stuff for now!

Give em’ hell! Those morons! Do they even look into the facts before they take them in and have this done! It pisses me off too. Everytime I hear someone say it protects my furniture I feel like puking! No, punching them then puking.

Posted by Melanee @ Sunday, March 06, 2005 - 9:15:05 AM

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