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      Saturday, June 09, 2018

09:43 AM - 06/09/2018

The topic: Catchin’ up


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Let's catch up on the past few weeks.

Okay, Opie is lots better. The sore is filled in and scabbed over. It doesn't seem to bother him and it's not weepy any longer.

Rocky is almost back to normal, you can barely see him limp. The fur is growing back nicely and his paw almost looks like nothing ever happened to it. And he's spending a lot more of his time outdoors. The problem now is he runs from us when he thinks it's time for meds. He was really easy to medicate when he couldn't run.

The week after my doctor's appointment, the orthopedic surgeon called. Went over my options for treatment. When it gets too bad, there will be hip replacement surgery.

It's weird, the pain. One minute I feel like I could run a marathon. Like this morning, no pain hardly at all. I did a little vacuuming, and put a load of laundry on the line (I had to, it was a load of jeans, I had another load washed and ready for the dryer and the jeans were still getting dried, just taking too long, probably because the washer had been set at permanent press, not a normal load, so they didn't get spun out as well as they should have, how's that for a run on sentence?).

Got the second load moved to the dryer and started it up, then went back to the laundry basket to sort and BOOM! The pain came back.

Good thing I skipped that marathon.

I ordered some walking canes from Costco online, regularly $34.99, there was a $15.00 discount on them, so that was pretty cool. I had checked on Amazon and this style over there went for fifteen dollars for one, so three for twenty dollars is a steal. They'll be here Monday.

We were watching Vudu back on the 25th of last month and the internet lost connection. The range extender broke. One of the antennas came off in my hand and the part it was supposed to screw into, was attached to the antenna. I set up another one I had in the extra room and we were able to watch the movie. I headed over to Amazon and ordered a different brand, that showed up the next day. I have to admit, I'm disappointed in how it worked. I contacted the place I got it and was told to move it close to the router. I did.

That worked okay, but it only held the connection for about twenty-four hours and I had to reset it. Not a lot of fun. The longest it held the connection so far has been three days. Another annoyance is that it doesn't see my NAS devices. The external hard drives that are connected to my router, kind of my own little cloud storage. I have all of my tunes on one of them, and my quickbooks settings for the company, and my font library so that I can utilize these files if I'm on the laptop or the computer. Sure, I can change connections, but that's the whole point of the extender. Having a strong signal and faster download than using the router's wifi.

And yesterday I checked my download speeds on all of my wifi connections and ended up ordering another network device for the laptop to connect to wifi. I should be getting a lot better than I am.

The extender that broke has a year warranty, I ordered it on December 31, 2017, so the following Monday I contacted the company I got that one from. I had to send a copy of the invoice and wait for their warranty department to send the return information. That got sent out on Friday, and I got notification yesterday that a new one was on the way. It will be here Thursday. I'll probably send the other one I'm not happy with back for a refund.

The weather is amazing right now, but the sun is still on its way up. I told Brian earlier this season that we won't have a spring, we'll go right from winter weather into summer heat. Looks like I was right.

We saw Deadpool 2 last Sunday. I used my MoviePass (if you like the idea of this, try getting it at Costco, it's cheaper or let me know and I can refer you and something awesome happens for me or something like that) for the first time. It was a snap. We'd also brought discount tickets I ordered a few years ago. The pass Brian used was invalid. Already used. Huh? So, he tried the other one. Same thing. Weird. Fortunately, we use our Regal Club card so that we can bank points and there were enough points in the account to purcvhase Brian's ticket! (When we got home, I checked all of the other discount tickets we have and there were two of all of them except two. The ones we'd already used. Apparently, I printed them out twice. Duplicates tossed.)

We really liked the movie, but damn it, tears at a Deadpool flick? Really? Guardians 2 had tears. Pirates 5 had tears. Enough!

Last month, my Epson R1900 had a big problem with the cartridges. I use a continuous ink system and the piece that held the ink tubes down, broke. Fortunately, the company where I got it from, after some back and forth about the piece that broke, sent me one. It's nice and quiet again. And they didn't charge me for it. Which was really nice of them. Now I can print my own paper again.

I made another balloon, which Brian took to his chiropractor. I love making these things, I really do. I think shipping them would be pretty spendy, so I haven't sent any to anyone.

I posted on SVGCuts facebook page and said they needed more hangy things. I think butterflies would be pretty fun to hang from the ceiling.

And that's about it for now. Not really a lot going on, just doing laundry and watching the Rifleman. A flashback to childhood, for sure.


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you made me laugh about the tears at Deadpool 2 ...
I know ... right!! grin

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Monday, June 11, 2018 - 9:04:49 AM

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