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      Tuesday, December 13, 2005

01:17 AM - 12/13/2005

The topic: Can’t sleep


The bed frame came for the airbed.  I set it up this afternoon and it takes up what little space is left in the exercise room.  I really have to rethink this situation.

I’m seriously considering kicking the cats out of the bedroom at night.  I need to sleep and if I’m having an iffy night, having the cats all over me doesn’t help.  I was sleeping fine, the DeeJay came into bed smelling of shit (sorry for the crudity, but it’s late and I’m crabby).  And of course, he has to sleep right by my face, which happens to be where my nose lives.

So, I figure I’ll sleep on the sofa.  Don’t want to make what little life DeeJay has any harder than it has to be.  I went into the kitchen, looking to take some Excedrin.  Last month I did something to my upper left arm and it’s been hurting like a sonuvabitch when I turn it just so.  It was hell earlier when I slid the airbed into the envelope above the frame today.  That’s the problem with the arm getting better, it doesn’t take much to make it hurt again.  I can’t even imagine wearing a sling to keep from using it.

I walked into the kitchen and turned on a light because it smelled.  I figured the laundry room floor must be pretty bad.  It wasn’t the laundry room floor, it was the kitchen.  It would appear that DeeJay has the runs, which he hasn’t had in weeks.  I cleaned up the mess and took my pain reliever.  Then I tried laying down on the sofa.  Sagwa was at my feet and he kept grabbing at the blanket, attaching his claws to my toes in the process.  This didn’t make me really happy.

(I’m on the laptop right now, on the airbed in the exercise room and I hear the possum walking on the fencing above the gate outside of the window here.  There’s also a windchime hanging from the fencing, and every so often, I hear the chimes banging together.  He’s probably on his way out to finish whatever food is left in the entryway.)

This airbed is lopsided.  It’s cold, too.  I think it needs more air.  And the cats are hanging around outside of the door.  I’ve left a couple of times, sleep is avoiding me.  Mystie is just sitting there.  She cried a little.  She loves me and she is one of the cats who makes sleep so difficult for me in the bed, because she sleeps right up against me and I can’t move.  I want to be in my own bed right now.  This room isn’t familiar at night.  It looks like there was a major explosion of boxes and stuff and I’m not at all comfortable.  One good thing is it is cold in here, which should help me sleep a little better.  If I could just get my mind to shut the hell up.

I did take some valerian just a little while ago.  I’ve had it in the cupboard for a while now, along with l-tryptophan.  If I had some pot, I’d probably smoke it. But then, I might lose my husband, so maybe I wouldn’t.  Nix the pot idea.

The valerian didn’t smell so strongly of buttcrack, that was nice. I’m wondering how long it will be before I start burping it up.

And I’m incredibly hungry.  I don’t know why I’m hungry, but I am.



Well, I finally fell asleep on the sofa.  The last time I’d looked at the clock it was 2:15.  Then, something woke me up and there was a cat at my head.  I reached up and petted the cat and thought “Hmmm…Handsome”. Then I petted the cat laying on my side.  That cat was Handsome.  So, the cat on my head was DeeJay.  Not good.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this boy, but if he’s close to you and you move at all, he grumbles and it’s just plain annoying. I got up and went to bed.  It was 2:46.  So far, I’d probably gotten an hour’s sleep all night long.

Brian wasn’t in bed and I knew he wasn’t in the family room and I said “are you there?” and he answered from the bathroom.  I told him what a rotten night’s sleep I was getting.  I fell back to sleep shortly after.  Between four and four-thirty something jolted me out of a sound sleep.  I thought it was people walking down the street.  It wasn’t.  It was dogs barking and yipping at the coyotes.  I didn’t realize this at first and I asked, alarmed “what was that!?”  Brian said “coyotes”.  I asked where they were and he said probably in the field at the top of the hill we were supposed to be walking up this morning.  I lay there and listened to the noise for a good half hour, following the sounds of the dogs barking and the coyotes yipping down the hill.  Then they stopped.  I said a prayer that our two ferals would be safe. 

I woke up again at five, and let the cats out.  I woke up when the heater came on at 5:45, I also looked out front and KittyMeeze and Carla were both there.  I fed them, unblocked the garage door and unlocked it and went back to bed. And promptly fell back to sleep.  Brian didn’t wake me up for our walk, which was really nice of him.

We got up at 6:45 and I got dressed and booted up the computers, then into the kitchen and got the slicer out to slice the roast I cooked for Brian’s lunch this week.  I like that slicer.  I like having the meat all the same thickness. Then I made Brian’s lunch, ate my cereal, then came back here.
Now, he’s gone, I have to call my mom, then I think I’ll go back to sleep.  Or something. cwm33

I so much understand about the cats! They sleep sooo close, and if I move, they move right with me (as if I could move over a quarter of an inch with more on the other side).

Posted by Bobbie @ Tuesday, December 13, 2005 - 6:14:07 AM

We had a cat named Mulligan who would lie with his head on my left shoulder, his right front leg wrapped around my left arm, and his back paws braced in my left palm.  Talk about being immobilized!  He was such a sweetheart, though—a real cuddlebug.

Posted by Trudy @ Wednesday, December 14, 2005 - 4:27:07 PM

I know the feeling. I stopped sleeping with all the cats, had to.  Bailey slept in my arms all night long, rubbing my nose all night long.  I could never figure out why I always felt tired, till it hit me one day.  I now sleep with one and he is the bedroom cat I rescued last May.

Posted by BaileyShelbyCody @ Friday, December 16, 2005 - 1:35:07 PM

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