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      Tuesday, February 14, 2012

08:09 AM - 02/14/2012

The topic: Brian’s hundreds of miles away


He’s on his way to the World Ag Show in Tulare, California.

The past week has been pretty busy for both of us. He touched base with some tractor dealers who will be there and he got the okay from them to put his hydraulics on their tractors at the show. So, he had to get two complete sets made (he’s giving them to the dealers) to take with him.  He also wanted some brochures to leave. That took some doing since he was so busy “Brian, I need your help! I need you to tell me what to put on them!” I finally just told him to pick out stuff from his FAQ page and give me some photos.  I bought two packages of HP brochure paper.

I have to say I was disappointed in my color laser printer, the sheets all had grey backgrounds on them. Doing internet research it seems this is a problem of this particular machine and it doesn’t matter if you’re using a refilled cartridge or a brand new expensive HP cartridge. It happens.  Then the “brand new” magenta ran out. I’ve had it so long I don’t remember where I got it (I bought two of each color the last time I got them, this isn’t a high use printer). I wasn’t happy.  But they turned out okay, they could have been better, but the only money we were out was the cost of the paper.  We got a couple of acrylic brochure/card holders that he’ll leave at the dealers who have his hydraulics on their tractors.  I asked him last night how many people go to this show and he said “three hundred to five hundred thousand”. Whoa!

Next year we’ll have the brochures made.

He had a lot of paperwork to get ready, his reason for going is to get measurements on tractors for the hydraulic fittings.

I made him twelve shirts, had some vinyl that I’d never used before to apply to the grey shirts and one was messed up, the vinyl puckered. But the other shirts turned out nicely. He’s got the silver on black and black on steel.  Short and long sleeved. He wore a black long sleeved shirt yesterday, he likes them.

He got all packed yesterday, I made sure the laptop was up to date and showed him how to turn it on, the password to get it started and how to connect to the internet. Then I showed him where the IE icon was so he could get on the internet. He put everything in the car last night (he’s taking my car since it has the navigation system and gets better mileage than the other vehicles). We went to bed at ten last night, he got up at three to shower.  While he was in the shower I went into the kitchen and made a small pot of coffee so he could take some with him.

He left around 3:45 this morning. I heard him push the dumpster up into the street. I didn’t hear the car pull away. I opened the door for the cats to go out, then I locked the screen door and the deadbolt on the front door and went back to bed.

At 4:30, I heard the front gate. Strange. Then I heard Brian saying “Dianne, open the door. I forgot my phone.”  I bet he was pissed.  I got up, let him in, he got his cell, then left.

When he walked to the car, the skies opened. It started pouring.

I hope the cell is the only thing that goes wrong on this trip.  This could be our future

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