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      Saturday, September 12, 2020

06:21 AM - 09/12/2020

The topic: Big yawn


So, as I mentioned in my last entry, we have the opossum issue under control. I've seen joeys a couple of times, on the fence. One at the back of the yard, one at the side gate. It looks like they've been making meals of fallen avocados (which the both trees decided to drop all at once - Brian took over forty down to the vet's office this week, since we'll never be able to get to them all; we considered shipping some to our out of area friends, but there's the post office slow down issue, so we nixed that idea). I'm not worried about the possums.

Since Brian had cut the sliding door screens so the cats, as well as Little Bitty Dog, had twenty-four hour access to outside, we had to close off those holes. He cut plywood to fit along the bottom and we can keep the doors open for air flow, but block exit and entry at the same time. The only operational twenty four hour cat indoor/outdoor access at this point was the laundry room door.

This morning, around two, I heard noises. Not normal noises. I got up, grabbed my little flashlight and walked through the house. Checked the wood in front of the doors.  All in place as it should be. Huh.

Then I went into the kitchen. The floor had wet spots. What the hell? Did some cat fall in the pool? I opened the back door and peeked out, shining the flashlight around. Nothing. But I did hear something climbing the tree. Ah, no...say it isn't so...

This ain't good. I don't like this. I follow the wet spots back into the house. I see where it started. I just stood there, shining the flashlight down on the waterbowl in the family room. Water splashed all over (thank God it didn't hit the extension cord). And. It. Was. Filthy.


Had figured out the cat door.

I walked into the bedroom, woke Brian up. "Trash pandas have figured out the cat door". He jumped out of bed, grabbed his little flashlight. So, here we are, both of us in our underwear, walking through the house with our mini flashlights.

Reflecting back on this, this is a situation where, if we were watching television, that we would remark that the folks in these crime shows don't watch much television. Why not just turn on the lights? You see it in all the crime shows. NCIS, Law & Order, Elementary, etc. "Use the light switch!" we'll yell at the television, as the characters walk into dark houses or rooms, slowly shining their flashlights around.

Yet, here we were.

Anyway, Brian cleaned out both water bowls (he said the one in the window had gotten dirty as well) and put fresh water in both and it looks like the cat door will have to be locked at night. Cats in.

For the first time since we blocked off the screens, Little Bitty Dog pooped on the floor in the living room, right next to the pee pad. He usually sleeps through the night, but I guess all of the activity was too much.

Ike hates Pancho and the feeling is mutual. The fact that there was access to outside made us rest a little easier more room to split them up. But I guess the fights now will happen indoors and we won't have to leave the house to break them up.

Yeah, it's great living in the suburbs.

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