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      Monday, June 30, 2003

12:03 PM - 06/30/2003

The topic: Better late than never


Monday, June 30, 2003 Better late than never, I guess.  It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks, though, I can tell you that.  As I mentioned last week, I finally got back on last Thursday afternoon and have been changing code ever since.  It took me forever to get the automatic reset of the top 50 sites going.  I have to say that was an all weekend thing, getting those running right again.  And even so, I’m not sure they do.  *sigh*  The cards were one of the first things I got up again and there was a little problem, but easily taken care of.  All I have left are the guestbooks and the forums.  Unfortunately, those are going to take a little more time than I expected when I moved.  The script that they’re run on is old and the newer versions of the programs that run them, don’t accept the old script.  So, I have to set up brand new forums and guestbooks.  And so that I don’t lose all the previous entries, I’m going to have to save all of the pages as individual html pages.  That’s going to take quite a while to go through every single forum or guestbook I had on the old host.  Good thing I’ve got until the middle of September to do that.

Because I’ve spent so many hours working on the transfer, things have fallen behind here at home.  I’m slowly catching up on the laundry and I changed out the bedding yesterday.  The bed isn’t so bad any more since I bought those cheap plastic tablecloths ($2.50 at Wal-Mart) cut them in two long ways and we just put them over the pillows in the morning.  This has help a great bit in keeping the pillows cat urine free.  Of course, most of my clean windows have been marked.  I washed a couple inside yesterday and this morning, they need to be washed again.  Shaken paws, wet from the water bowl and, of course, the ever present cat pee.

Brian stayed home this weekend and finally got a great deal of concrete done around the pool.  There is a little cement drain he put in so long ago when we had the pool built and on one side of that is where I planted all of my flowers (doing wonderfully, by the way, I’ll post pictures later this week) and on the other side of the drain, up to the pool, is where he did the concrete.  It probably won’t look as nice as what he’d originally intended to do, but it’s sure going to be a lot cleaner and need a lot less maintenance.  All of these years, we’d pull grass, or he’d spend a weekend weedeating and clean that up, only to have the grass and weeds come back.  He covered it with bark, but I never really liked the bark.  The old dog Buddy used to poop on the bark and it was really nasty down there.  I don’t wear shoes very often at home in the summer and I certainly didn’t like walking on the bark.  And now, most of the bark is gone anyway.  Brian worked really long and hard to get this all finished and I think he did a great job.  Of course, there are a few pawprints in parts of it.  I didn’t care, but he took it personally.  *lol*  None of the cats seem to be affected by ingesting the small amount of concrete they may have gotten.  I’m thinking most of it may have come off while walking through the wet grass.

Lucky has her good days and her bad days.  She was spending most of her time on the stove and I was giving her special food, just for her, up there, but the other cats found it and she never got a minute’s piece.  So, she moved into the family room and sometimes she comes into the office.  She’s not using the litterbox in the laundry room any more, she’s coming into the hallway and using that one.  I didn’t realize this until I noticed yesterday how wet it is under the box and how badly it smells.  I cleaned the area thoroughly and put down newspapers in front of the box.  Brian reminded me about the peepads I used with Bobby.  I no longer have any of those, but that would be a great idea for in front of the litter box.  One of the problems is Lucky steps in the wet and gets litter all over her paws.  So, I’ll be going to get some of those later.  Cleanup should be much quicker and it should also cut down on the odor.  Lucky loves to be brushed, which I try to do a couple of times a day, telling her how beautiful she is.  She will stand up and purr really loudly.  I’ve also started feeding her in the bathroom.  If she’s hungry, she will go in there and start yowwing.  I’ll go in and take the lids off the food, make sure she’s settled in and shut the door.  She lets me know when she’s finished. 

DeeJay is feeling a little off.  It’s not attitude or anything, it’s kind of how he sits there, a little scrunched.  He’s eating and drinking, begging for food as usual, but there’s just a little something a little off.  I don’t know what it is, maybe he’s been drinking some of the water from when we clean the drain by the pool.  If he gets to it before we have a chance to clean it out (which is a matter of minutes, but it’s a long drain and the water has a tendency to pool in the middle because the drain sunk a bit sometime after it was put in) he’ll drink as much as he can until we chase him off.  He’s still sleeping next to me.  I’ve never woken up when he got there, but when I wake up in the morning, he’s there.  Right behind my head.

Angel is spending more time inside.  Last night, she snuggled up against Brian for a long time, then went over and laid down next to DeeJay, where she fell asleep.  I know the big problem with some of the cats is being chased.  Katie, Mystie, Opie and Richie are the worst offenders.  I figured that as the boys got older, some of this behavior would lighten up and I’m right.  I don’t know what to do about Katie and Mystie.  Mystie is the worse of the two. 

Everybody else is doing well.  They’re enjoying the sun and spending lots of time outside. Of course, when it gets a little too hot, they can be found inside, where it’s lots cooler.  Me, I’m most likely by the pool or in it.

It’s after eleven, it’s going to be hot and I have three loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away, more loads that need to be done.  I’m certainly not going to get it done sitting here in front of my monitor, so this is it for now.  If anything exciting happens, I’ll post about it.

Just catching up on some of your diary entries.  A few years back I knew you from one of the cat sites. You have been very busy and doing a great job with the poor area and the flowers, very nice.  Also congrats on losing weight.  I am in the same boat myself right now, but have lost 12lbs. so far and trying to take longer walks to get more off.  I will be checking back for sure to see how things are going. smile

Posted by Bren @ Thursday, July 03, 2003 - 6:24:04 AM

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