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      Monday, April 07, 2014

07:51 AM - 04/07/2014

The topic: Back in 2005 or 2006


Somewhere in there...you know the grasshopper days, before the recession, back when Brian was making a ton of money  (singing...those were the days my friend, so many toonas to spend....), we bought a laptop. 

Why? I dunno. It's not like we ever used it all that much. But I wanted it. I needed it. I thought. Maybe I thought it would make my life complete (I've been coming to terms with this aspect of my personality now that we don't have lots of discretionary income and I'm finding all this stuff I got back when we had quite a bit of it - as I said before, it's a kind of fun finding things I had no idea I'd bought - no clothes, though; never clothes - and I wonder what made me buy this particular item?).

Well, I've been getting the ducks in the row to start using that embroidering sewing machine I got back in those days and since the netbook I use (my most adorable little netbook, I <3 it so much) probably isn't the ideal way to run the software for the machine, after all, the netbook doesn't even have a disk player in it, this weekend I cleaned up the hard drive on the laptop. Oh, my goodness! So many old, old, old programs. A few of them aimed at making the dialup connection better. Dialup? Geez, that's so twentieth century..... 

For sure it was a trip back in time. I removed old unused programs, updated new programs, started to put the newest version of the Silhouette software on it (until I read the reviews...whoa! stop the download! stop the download! not gonna happen! reading reviews on new software is a GOOD thing), got the latest version of the old software installed instead, opened up the netbook and found the files for my Silhouette library on that, saved it to a memory card and copied that information to the laptop, so I think I'll be good to go.

I declare the laptop to be my official crafting computer! 

Today I hope to get the sewing machine set up to run on the laptop, but that means I have to set up in the family room. I don't have a dedicated crafting space (thanks, kitty cats!) so everything has to be portable. But that's okay, I love the kitties. I love the kitties. I love the kitties. 

But I'm looking forward to having the grasshopper days finally pay off. Maybe not monetarily (which would really be nice), but keeping me busy and not bored (which is probably a big part of the answer to why I spent so much money in the past; I was bored).


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