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      Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10:36 AM - 08/15/2012

The topic: Back from the vet


A couple of months ago, Spot was in urinary distress. Well, I don’t know if that’s quite how to explain it, but he spent a little bit of time in the litterbox, with driplets of urine and a little bit of time cleaning himself.

Not the “OMG I’m blocked, I can’t pee, I’m gonna die” distress, it didn’t seem major like that. Watching him closely in the hours that followed, he seemed to be back to normal. No repeated trips to the litterbox, no face stuck in his crotch cleaning himself. I figured “maybe a bladder infection” and started him on amoxicillan.  He got two pills a day for eight days. He was fine after that. Well, after the first time I saw him having problems, I didn’t see it again.

Until it was time for “kitties in” on Sunday night. He was doing it again. And this time, he was louder. Like it really, really hurt. One of the things the vet showed me a long time ago was how to gently roll the area in my fingers, which might break up crystal type formations that could be causing a blockage. I tried that and Spot absolutely was not thrilled with my administration. I got him in the house, he went to the litterbox and pooped. Then he had some dinner and some water. Then back to the litterbox where he peed a tiny bit. Enough so that I knew he wasn’t blocking. But it was still scary, Brian and I both got dressed (we were in our “next stop - bed” attire) and got the carrier out.  But Spot seemed fine the rest of the night. The next day, he was okay. And yesterday, he was okay. I started him on Baytril Sunday night since that’s what Charlie had been on. I thought that maybe he had a bladder infection that the amoxi didn’t get rid of. We knew that the best thing for Spot was a trip to the vet, though. To get to the bottom of the problem.

This morning, Spot was doing the same thing. It was early enough, I was able to get an appointment for this morning. The vet checked him over, Spot’s bladder was empty. The vet figures there’s something environmental that’s stressing him, causing this to happen. He said it could possibly be the weather.  He thinks the crying is because of inflammation, it hurts for him to pee.

So, Spot got fluids at the vet’s office. He’ll get fluids tomorrow and Friday. 120cc.  He’s back on amoxicillan, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.  And he’ll be getting buprenex twice a day for three days, starting this morning.  He’s already gotten this morning’s dose, he’s pretty relaxed right now.

Let’s hope this is the end of it. Poor kitty.

Have you tried Uromaxx?  It worked really good for my Eddie.

Posted by Kathryn @ Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 10:05:07 AM

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