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      Wednesday, February 08, 2017

04:10 PM - 02/08/2017

The topic: Back from the vet


Yeah, I took Pete back in.

A week ago Monday I called them and asked for more meds since his poop wasn't getting much better and his breathing was still a little wheezy and labored.

I got most of the antibiotic into him, it was only .2ml per serving, but forget the metronidazole for the poop. It's nasty tasting and he got .5ml and he started running from me.

Le sigh.

This week his poo has actually started looking nicer, no really runny stuff, more of a set pudding type of consistency. But his breathing still isn't right. At night, he stretches his neck, trying to breathe and you can see his chest working.

Yesterday morning, I called and made a recheck appointment. He seemed to be doing much better, but Brian said "take him in, you'll feel better about it if you know for sure if he's making progress or not". So, off to the vet we went.

He peed in the carrier on the way over, which really wasn't a problem, there was a thick soft towel in there with a pee pad over it. When I'd gotten him out and over to the table to be weighed, he stood on the table and took the poop position. And what followed was some of his best poop in months. Yay!

The vet came in, asked me some questions and said she wanted to take x-rays to see if the pneumonia had been masking any other problems. And she'd go ahead and give him some fluids. He wasn't really dehydrated, but she felt he could probably use them.

I wait and she finally comes back in. He's doing much better, the pneumonia is gone, but it was masking another problem. Allergies. Which would be why he's still breathing hard and wheezing.

More meds. But this time they're both .2 ml, which is a very small amount.

And his heart still is sound.

Yay, Petey Pie!

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