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      Thursday, May 24, 2018

10:47 AM - 05/24/2018

The topic: Back from the doctor


So, we're the first appointment. I had Brian go in with me to remind me of things about my leg that I wasn't bringing up. (Doctors make me nervous for me, not at all of the cats, or Brian, or even when I took my mom in; but me? Mind gone.)

Blood pressure was sucky, but it dropped considerably when I stood up.  Pass. Not with flying colors, but maybe a D, if we're grading on a scale of A to F. But I'm not being admitted to the hospital any time soon.

So, we go over the problem with the doctor. He has me move to the table and has me lay down and he starts with my left leg, moves it this way and that, bends it, no problem, no pain.Then my right. Yeah, okay, don't move it that way, it hurts. No, doesn't hurt there (he keeps moving it)...okay! okay! stawp! Done with the needful torture, he says "I want you to go down to the lab and get x-rays. Just to check your hips. When you come back, just knock on the door and we'll squeeze you in."

Take the elevator down, get the x-rays, go back upstairs, wait less than ten minutes.

It's official. I'm f*cking old. He pulls up the x-rays. My left hip has lots of cartiledge. My right hip, not so much. He called it a "rusty hip". Kind of like a door hinge. It's probably all connected. The hip, the front leg pain, the sciatica (remember last year?) I'll be talking to an orthopedist next week to go over my case and make plans from there. Cortisone shot?  Surgery? As for the pain now, I'll be taking 880mg of naproxin sodium for at least two weeks  (OTC pills are 220mg each, I'm to take two in the morning and two in the evening, with food; the prescription pills I had were 500mg, one am, one pm), but if I need to take it longer, he doesn't see a problem with me doing that.

So, hopefully, I'll be up and walking up hills again before too long.

Which leads us to my blood pressure. He wasn't happy with it, so he put me on another pill. And I just laughed. I said "that's what my previous doctor had me on and you wanted to change what I was getting; I ran out of the old prescription last Friday and started the new one on Saturday. I have more energy with it." He looked over my chart and said "well, take this for two weeks and come back and we'll recheck your BP".

You know what would help my BP? Being able to walk to the bathroom without pain. A good night's sleep because the pain didn't keep waking me up. To be able to stretch out both of my legs on the coffee table. To be able to cross my leg to tie my shoe....so I could move and walk and exercise and get my breath back and not feel so worn out. I'll tell you what, someone you know has chronic pain?

Go easy on them. From my standpoint, it's pretty damned demoralizing to not be able to do the things I used to do. It's not fun. It's not being lazy. And one minute I'm fine, the next minute I'm down. Like last Monday, I actually called Brian to help me get back to the sofa from the bathroom, that pain hit so swiftly, but by the time he got to me, he was just down the hall, it was gone and I could walk; that's here at home, it's not something I'd want happening if we were shopping, or I was driving or at a theater walking up the steps back to my seat. There's absolutely no notice it's going to happen, it isn't "well, if I move this way, it happens, so I'll try not to do that"...it's always a surprise.  The chronic pain, it's just kind of with me. I can do things to help alleviate that pain. Like not touch my toes or put on a sock and a shoe. Not try to do high kicks.

I haven't leapt over a baby stroller in years. (Ask Jolene, she knows.)

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