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      Friday, March 19, 2004

01:40 PM - 03/19/2004

The topic: Argh.  Just argh.


Friday, March 19, 2004  I just can’t believe it.  This morning, I see a puddle of pink urine in front of the litterbox in the laundry room.  No runny stool like last week and earlier this week.  But sure signs of a bladder infection.  My immediate thoughts turned to DeeJay.  Then I thought ‘maybe Marco’.  Brian said he agreed that maybe it was Marco.  When we got back from our walk, I let Ciara and DeeJay into the exercise room to eat.  Ciara came out earlier than DeeJay.  And when he left, there was a new small clump of urine in the litterbox.  And it looked a little pink.  I show it to Brian.  He said it looked pink to him.  DeeJay has a bladder infection.  I grabbed the amoxicillan and got him started on them.

Later on, Brian remarked that Georgie was all wet, but his feet were dry.  I wondered if maybe he’d fallen in the pool.  I went down to look and couldn’t see where any cat had climbed out of the pool.  So, I wandered around the yard looking and found a bunch of fur back by the shop, next to the bank.  The only wet part of the yard is at the bank, because Brian has the sprinklers coming on every night for about an hour on the bank.  Someone was in a fight and it didn’t take long to find out who Georgie was rumbling with.  Benny was also soaking wet.  Silly cats.

I finally called to get the old freezer hauled away.  It was supposed to be taken yesterday.  It’s still out there.  If it’s not gone by 3:30 this afternoon, I’ll call again.  Later today, a lift is supposed to be delivered for the weekend.  Brian and his brother are going to trim back our trees.  I’m glad.  The one in the back by the doghouse has limbs that get really heavy with leaves and seed pods during the summer and I’m scared that they’ll break off, not able to support the weight.  I wish he’d been able to do it sooner, because now, all the new buds are coming in.  The last time Brian did the trees, it was so much nicer. We got a better breeze through them and the yard got more light in the mornings.

I got on the scales this morning and I’ve put on almost twelve pounds since last November. ARGH!!!!  Guess I can’t just eat everything in sight and figure “well, I walked this morning, it’s okay”.....

I actually got started on making some new shirts for the summer.  The pattern I’m using calls for knits, but I washed and dried a couple of different pieces of cotton material and I’m using those.  Just tank tops, from a pattern I modified a couple of years ago so that it’s more tailored, not just straight up and down.  I was going to make little dresses, but I found out after I ironed the washed material that it had shrunk up more than I had planned on. So, I’ll just make some lightweight tank tops.  They’ll look pretty good with shorts.

Ciara is putting on a little weight.  Not much, but she’s no longer losing, which is great. 

Brian called home last night, around 6:30.  Guess what?  The tranny on his work truck died.  He could only go in reverse.  It started having problems earlier in the day and he babied it, got it to keep going.  Well, on their way back from Coronado, it started having some bad problems.  And it quit working altogether about a half mile from his shop.  Mark walked back to the shop, got Brian’s other truck and they towed it back.  Brian came home, had dinner and had to go back to the shop when the tow company paged him that they were on their way.  They took it to Ford and Brian came home.

What was kind of nice is I made Brian some deviled eggs yesterday evening, as a surprise.  He really likes my deviled eggs (really easy to make, just boil the eggs, peel, split, mash up the yolk with some mayo, mustard and a little vinegar, top off with paprika).  He was surprised.  I only made a dozen (six eggs).  I had three and he had six last night.  He took the rest with him this morning.  I told him last night I wasn’t making his lunch today, since he wasn’t doing his company work.  He gets days off, so do I.  Not that making his lunch is a big deal, but it’s the principle, yanno?  I’ll make his lunch when he’s off making money.  *lol*

Well, I’m going to go cut out some more material.

LOL, those naughty boys scrapping with each other!  I guess it’s a guy thing. raspberry

I’m glad to hear Ciara is better, but poor little DeeJay!  Saying a prayer for him.


Posted by Terry @ Wednesday, March 24, 2004 - 1:25:05 PM

She takes care of a zillion cats and sews too, geesh!  smile Hugs for DeeJay and Ciara, I hope they are okay by now.

Posted by Nancy @ Thursday, March 25, 2004 - 11:41:05 AM

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