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      Friday, October 12, 2018

10:08 AM - 10/12/2018

The topic: And now, the craftstuff


Light hand? A light hand? I guess mine are made of cement.

So, I got those cards done last week when I wasn't tweaking plugins. Wait, I did the cards first, then the graphic plugins. That's right, that's how I did it. I think. Whew, my brain is on FIRE today....

I couldn't finish the cards because I didn't have enough ink to stamp them all. The ink got here last week, so the stamping was done after I figured out the best way to do it (the stamp itself is big and I kept getting a blank spot in the center of what I'd stamped).  On a wooden table, not my work table, with my Fiskars stamp press. I've had this for close to four years and it comes in mighty handy.

I screwed up a couple, but I came away with twenty decent cards. The top part has scor tape on it, setting it down just so on double sided adhesive foam is tricky and if the two meet at the wrong angle? Done. You don't pull them apart. I found a nice snowflake design in my digital paper files I got on Etsy a few years ago and ordered paper to print it on. I know most of my envelopes are made from cardstock, but I didn't care for the heavy stuff I had and I ordered some lighter weight stock from Amazon. I really should have checked what I had on hand before clicking on submit.

I found a really nice paper in my stash, coated on two sides for inkjet printing. It was letter sized, so I pulled out my We R Memory Keepers envelope punch board to check the size of paper needed and it was 8.25" x 8.25". Letter size will work! I printed out about thirty sheets and cut them down to the right size and these will work nicely with the cards I made.

Now we come to the light hand. I cut out enough pieces of cardstock to make thirty boxes. It took a day just for that. Then I came up with this brilliant plan of embossing them, then using a brayer to roll glitter glue over them. The problem is the folder I used isn't ideal for this. The pattern is too far apart, so not just the stars got glittered. There's glitter in between. The online instructions all call for a light hand. Not working. I've been messing with these a couple of hours each day and I finally decided no one is really going to care, probably won't even notice.

So, I'm going to finish rolling the brayer on this paper today, then everything will be ready for assembly. Then, this project will be done! All three parts. Yay!

I still have a Christmas tree from last year to put together. The one I'm giving to the vet's office for Christmas.

But I don't need to cut any more paper.

When I'm done with this stuff, I think I'll get back to playing with the etching.


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