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      Monday, April 08, 2019

07:50 AM - 04/08/2019

The topic: And life goes on


I'm progressing nicely. Trying to get in my three times a day walk. Every three days we take it a little farther. When we get to the top of the little hill and walk that for three days, I'll start with the cane and shorten the walk. Then gradually walk a little farther each day. The surgery was a month ago today, so I'm doing pretty well.

Problem is I've gotten cocky around the house and I'm pushing it a little harder than I should be. Saturday I did some vacuuming while Brian went grocery shopping and yesterday I did four loads of laundry. Not that it was very labor intensive, but I'm not using the cane to help get around. I need to use that more than I do.

I'm almost finished with my medications, I have three Meloxicam left and about two weeks of Tylenol, then I'm officially finished with the surgery meds. Yay!

We found out at the end of last month that Mario is blind, due to high blood pressure. He was started on medication, then went in for a recheck and his blood pressure was still high. His meds have been doubled. There's a fifty percent chance he'll see again, as long as we can get his blood pressure under control. The vet wants to see if we can get it down with meds, then start looking for the cause.

He gets around okay. It's not like we move furniture, so he doesn't have to learn where to go. He gets on the bed without any problems, same with  the sofa and loveseat. He even climbs into and down from the window in the bedroom. He does go outdoors, but stays close to the house. Either in the catnip of on the patio.

Here's a little video I took of him last week:

Nooby is still with us, I think he's probably stopped trying to leave the yard. And I do believe when he feels a need to hide, he heads to the garage. How cool is that? He lets me talk to him in the evening. He's still pretty cautious, I don't dare move too quickly. But he's coming around.

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