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      Wednesday, August 02, 2023

08:25 AM - 08/02/2023

The topic: And a very happy August to you


I don't think I mentioned Charlie sliding downhill.  Kidneys. We took him in last May when he was drinking a lot of water and always seemed hungry.  Tests were run. And he was in the beginning stages of kidney failure. His mouth had problems (which we can't do anything about because of the kidneys) and he was slightly anemic.

We were supposed to give him fluids once a week, but Charlie isn't the kind of cat you pick up and carry, let alone push a needle in his back. But he was eating and drinking. Until this past couple of weeks. Yes, it's probably the kidneys getting worse. And he's started to refuse food. Brian has been the one to feed him for the most part and I could tell he was getting frustrated because Charlie wasn't eating hardly anything. Yesterday, I took the time to feed him and I stood there and watched him eat. His problem right now is his mouth.

I pureed a can of Fancy Feast with a fair amount of water and he lapped that right up, eating almost the entire can over a few hours. He ate a tiny bit of chicken breast, but it was obvious he was having problems chewing it. This morning I mixed some A/D with water and he ate every bit I gave him. He was hungry.

We also gave him fluids this morning and I was really surprised how well he took them. Hoping to see some improvement in the next few hours.

And we have a hot water pipe that's leaking. Brian is fixing it now. It was after nine last night when he noticed it, it's in the hallway closet that's a catchall for stuff. I took the jackets outside and hung them on the clothesline, not a lot of light that time of night, the full moon helped. He started working on it this morning and he found the leak. There wasn't a lot of damage (as far as I can tell). One little USB speaker seemed pretty wet, as was the foot massager. Both are outside, upside down, and with any luck, they'll dry out and still work.  Gee, maybe there's an upside to this heat.

And now I have the chance to get rid of most of those board games I got a long time ago for the pet sitter. The one that didn't do her job and we lost both Wally and Lisaviolet in the same week. ("I don't pay attention to the cats when I'm here!" She actually told me that. I told her to "get out" after paying her.) And go through the box with all the cables and connections from way back when I was setting up the audio/video electronics throughout the house. I'll be glad to see them go.

Anyway, time to get started on something. Not sure what, there's a lot to do.

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Shame on that cat sitter!

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Saturday, August 05, 2023 - 6:42:21 AM

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