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      Monday, November 17, 2003

10:25 AM - 11/17/2003

The topic: All of a sudden


Monday, November 17, 2003  All of a sudden, I’m incredibly tired.  I could lay right down and take a nap.  And it’s only nine in the morning.  I had a great night’s sleep.  I should be refreshed.  Maybe it was the glass of milk I had this morning…oh, well.  I’ll finish this then take a shower, that should help.

Last week was incredibly hectic.  This past year just seems like I don’t have much time to just kick back and relax. Well, the summer was okay, I got lots of pool time, but since the middle of September, it seems like there’s always something I should be doing.  Maybe after we get back from Colorado things will settle down.

So, the raffle finished and the winners were notified.  There are a few who haven’t responded.  I don’t know why not, maybe they don’t like what they won.  It took me a couple of days to get everything made, then another couple to get everything packaged up and out.  Everything was in the mail last Wednesday.  I was going to just put the postage on here at home, then figured why?  I’ll just go down to the post office. 

What a trip that was.  There was some guy in line ahead of me, who was putting in a complaint that he wasn’t getting his mail, that he’d complained to the Postmaster General.  The clerk said she’d get a supervisor for him.  She had to go into the back and when she came back, she told the man the supervisor was on the phone, but he’d be out as soon as he was finished.  Would the man please step to the end of the counter?  Nope, he didn’t want to move.  He didn’t want to “lose his place in line”.  Excuse me, you’re going to stand there and tie up a clerk while the line gets longer and longer?  The man did move down and it was interesting to listen in on his conversation with the supervisor.  Seems he didn’t get any mail on the 11th.  Well, golly gee, mister, didn’t you know it was a federal holiday?  Nobody in the United States got mail delivered to their home.  Not from the US Postal Service.  (The big dummy.)  Well, he didn’t get any mail on a Monday about three weeks ago.  Oh, poor boy!  To hell with the health of the postal employees, right?  Or weren’t you aware there was a huge fire locally and that for health reasons the postal service wasn’t making deliveries in many areas of San Diego?  We didn’t get mail here for two days.  When our house payment and IRS payment had to go out, I called to see if there would be delivery and when I was told there wouldn’t be, we went to the post office to make sure the mail was sent out.  That guy was a total idiot.

I didn’t hear from any of the prize winners until yesterday morning over on Cat Fights II.  I was getting a little concerned that nothing had been delivered.  But once one person posted, others followed.

I vaguely remember a time in my life where I wouldn’t leave the house for weeks on end.  Now, I’m lucky to stay home four days in a row.  The pets needed food, we were out of almost everything.  I went to Santee to All 4 Pets and got two cases of felidae, three bags of feline Sensible Choice, one bag of NutroMax and one case of Canidae.  Cost almost $175.00.  It’s not often we run out of everything at the same time.  Usually, it’s staggered.  It seems cheaper when it’s staggered.  Then I went over to CostCo and got cat food for the out front cats. 

Friday, my new camera was scheduled to arrive.  Woohoo!  Except I didn’t know when it would be here. It was to be delivered Federal Express and I would have to sign for it.  I was afraid to leave the house.  But I had to.  Junior hadn’t eaten his dinner Thursday night.  None of it.  And his water consumption was way up.  His stools were not consistent at all.  I was cleaning up the poop every morning and one morning all that I found were nice and firm, other mornings they were very runny.  Being diabetic, it’s important that he eat regularly.  He wouldn’t eat Friday morning, either.  I couldn’t even entice him adding chicken to his breakfast.  I called the vet’s office shortly after they opened.  I explained about his stools, his eating habits, his increased water consumption, his bloody nose from last weekend, his snotty nose from this week, and that he needed his rabies vaccinations.  Elena said they were very busy that day, could I just bring him down and drop him off?  Well, he’d just eaten a biscuit and I still needed to give him his shot.  She said, okay, in a half hour then.  While I was waiting, I moved the Bronco to a spot where it would be easier for me to get him into it.  The half hour passed, he got his shot and I put his leash on him and put him in the Bronco and off we went.

I dropped him off, made some small talk, then came home.  I waited and waited and waited for FedEx.  At one point, I saw the truck go down the street and I called FedEx, concerned that they’d passed me by.  Did you know there are different colors of FedEx trucks?  I sure didn’t.  One is purple, white and green, the other purple, white and orange.  And the green one has a little dog on it.  Oh, come on!  I’m supposed to know this?  And be able to see the little dog as I see the back end of the truck fly by my house as I look out the front window?  Well, color me stupid.  I figured if I was there when they showed up, then I could get my camera.

But it was getting late and I really wanted to see how Junior was doing.  I called about 4:30 and was told he was okay, he could go home.  I grabbed my ATM card, my license, the car keys and off I went to get my little boy.  He was fine, he has a nasal infection, nothing more serious.  He got some antibiotics, which he gets one pill three times a day.  And his rabies certificate was signed and filled out, I could license him now.  I started him on the pills when we got home and by Saturday night, he appetite was back.  He ate slowly, but he finished his meal.  Of course, he got mostly canned food Saturday and yesterday, but this morning, he’s back on schedule.  And I looked at the vet’s invoice and noticed that Junior had put on five pounds since his last visit, in July.  Wow!  I’m just glad he’s doing so much better.  I was getting pretty scared.

I found out last week that lisaviolet.net and bennydakat.com weren’t working.  It seems the host moved the servers and I never got any notice about changing DNS information. Well, usually, the host still has all the information from the websites and moves it all. But he didn’t move all of lisaviolet.net.  The webrings are gone.  For the third time since I’ve been running them.  It took over a week to get the sites back up and I’m so irritated by the whole thing that I’m going to just let lisaviolet.net die.  I’m having the webrings moved to lisaviolet.com.  And I’ll be moving bennydakat.com to a different host when the time is up on that.  The current host is incredibly bad at responding to emails.  It didn’t start out that way, but it’s gotten worse the longer he’s been a host.  I had to threaten to dispute the charges on my credit card to finally get the problem resolved.  No more.  He’s lost this customer.

Then this weekend, we went shopping.  Late afternoon on Saturday.  Earlier, Brian went to his shop to wash the work truck.  While he was doing that, I made changes to the instructions for the sitter.  I took a picture of my remote control and went into detail about how the control works and how to change what device you’re watching.  My previous instructions weren’t too clear, I guess, because when we got home from Disneyland, they were only able to watch local television because she couldn’t figure out how to get it back to the satellite receiver.  Nor could they watch any DVDs or VHS movies. Hopefully, my instructions are better this time. 

Brian needed some new flannel shirts and I needed something to help keep me warm next week.  We went to WalMart first and found some gloves for me, but the women’s hats left much to be desired. Brian did pick up some new towels for his bathroom.  I found no thermals for women.  So, we went over to Sears where they were having this huge sale.  Brian got eight or nine flannel shirts (at my insistance, because they were on sale), I got some men’s thermals.  Then we left the parking lot and drove over by a Mexican restaurant, but the line was out the door. Then we drove by Applebee’s, same thing. We went back to the mall for dinner.  Then we came home, brought all of the goodies in, I went to the sliding door and called the cats in and amazingly, they all came in!  I blocked the door, pleased that I wouldn’t have to go outside to chase anyone in.  It was starting to rain.

Yesterday Brian left early to go farting around with his brother working on tractors and stuff.  I went to WalMart again to do a more thorough search for something warm.  I found more thermals in the men’s section as well as a ski hat.  Much more practical than what they had in the women’s section.  I almost got one that would cover my entire face.  My nose gets so cold (it’s 72 in the office right now and my nose feels like a little block of ice).  When I got home, I started doing more laundry.

This week, I’m going with my mom for her annual oncology appointment (that’s on Wednesday, there’s a half a day at least shot).  My mammogram is on Friday (I made that appointment for early, I’ll be there at a quarter of nine).  The rest of the week I get to clean house.  Rewash windows, dust, vacuum and wash the floors.  I don’t have to do as extensive cleaning as I did back in October, but there’s still stuff to do.  But this time, it should only take a couple of days.  And it’s supposed to warm up as the week goes by, that should help.

All four of our feral colony are still around.  One night last week, I saw some different cats in the entry way, late at night.  I only caught a glimpse before they hightailed out the gate, but I would swear one of them was the tortie we got fixed this year, the one who had to be quarantined.  Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a large pile of poorly formed stool in (yes, IN) the fountain outside the door.  I don’t think it was a cat, I’d bet raccoon or possum (it would take some fancy balancing act for a cat to have done it, the paws would have been in the water).  So, I scooped what solids I could out (the water was low) and then scooped out all of the remaining water and then flushed the fountain with clean water.  Yish.  What a fun job.

I’ve got to get the paperwork piled up on my desk done and figure out where we are in regards to money.  The house payment and tax payment have to go out this week since we won’t be here next. 

Brian’s brother called from Colorado last night wanting to know what we like to eat.  Well, just about anything, I guess.  I told him we like to keep the meals small, that we usually have breakfast for cereal (what kind?), non-fat milk (Joanne has started drinking stuff like soy milk and rice milk, but I just don’t feel that adventurous, non-fat cow’s milk will suit me just fine), coffee…  He asked if we liked spagetti (yes), meatless or with meatballs? (ground beef mixed into the sauce, no chunks), chili? (yes) over Fritos? (huh? never had it that way).  And, of course, turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, a green vegetable, pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  Of course, holiday points don’t count.  *lol*

Well, that’s about it for now. 

Oh, one last thing…..horribly addicting website.  Have fun!

=) Yeahhhh I won! The email I got asked for my credit card info and I thought something wasn’t right… *confused* I have no clue what I won. *sighs* HELPPPPPPPPP! lol!

Hiya to kitties! =)

Posted by Honest @ Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 8:31:04 AM

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