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      Wednesday, October 27, 2021

06:47 AM - 10/27/2021

The topic: A short update


Everything is fine, Natasha was spayed last week (on Monday, the 18th), she came through it fine, she doesn't need to go back for suture removal. Yay. She's still feeding them, but not nearly as often. Maybe once every other day I'll see all six kittens at the food bar.

The mini Avengers now have the run of the house and I have gotten back possession of my bathroom. Unfortunately, they have figured out the cat doors, which is fine for the garage, but now the laundry room cat door is set to in only because we don't the kittens outside yet. They're not old enough or big enough yet. There's hawks out there...

But having the door set like that, we have to let the cats out. Except Charlie, he has figured out he can hit the cat door and hit the cat door and hit the cat door and eventually it opens in enough so that he can go under it and head outside. Problem is it's very noisy when he does this. And he's usually out for five minutes or less and he's back inside.

I have nicknamed Nooby "Loki" because he's usually in the middle of any kerfuffle. He will just sit and stare at the kittens. And Nat will sit and stare at him staring at her baby beans. He usually gives her wide berth.

The dog is back in bed with us, he's learning that we don't like him growling or barking at the babies unless he's eating. I've started putting him outside when he does. Integration is slow, but it is happening.

I'm working on my holiday card ideas right now, which means I just sit on the sofa and think about how to do what I want to do. Yesterday, I actually started working on one of my ideas and if I can pull it off, it will be awesome. I'm having second thoughts about the little graphic I'm using, I'd like it mirrored. Last night I stamped the graphic on two different kinds of paper and used two different inks to see which one gives me the sharpest image. I will scan the images, mirror them and use my Silhouette Mint to make the graphic how I think it will better work. The nice thing about the Mint is I can resize the image to smaller or larger as needed. I'm gonna try a little bit smaller. This graphic is pretty much the focal part of the card, so it's important I get it right.

I'm getting my Moderna booster shot next week. Yay!

All in all, not a whole lot going on, the mini-Avengers have taken up a lot of my attention. I finally got all of my Lawn Fawn products scanned and categorized. We've watched a couple of movies outside, I'm looking forward to darkness being here earlier so we don't have to wait for it to get dark. We're early to bed folks.

I've noticed that a lot of things that have happened or that I really should have posted about, I haven't. I guess it just seems overwhelming at the time. A couple of weekends ago, someone asked me about the little balloons and boxes I made for the holidays. I couldn't find anything about them in this diary, so I spent hours looking on my hard drives and computers for the information. I really need to play catch up.

I finally walked away from Candy Crush this week. I hit the 5000th level. It's just too easy to buy boosters and there are things I'd rather spend money on. So, I walked away.

And that's it for now.

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I’m glad everything is well. Can’t wait to see photos of the “Mini Avengers” (I love that)
I get my moderna booster in about 2 weeks. I hope yours goes well. So far I haven’t heard of anybody having any reactions to the booster shot.

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Sunday, October 31, 2021 - 6:55:25 AM

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