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      Saturday, July 22, 2017

11:43 AM - 07/22/2017

The topic: A short DaNiece update


She's hanging in there. I don't know what the deal is, but she hasn't had much of an appetite. Last weekend, she ate like a champ.

She's quite fond of scrambled eggs. I was reluctant to give those to her as often as she would eat them, but according to anything I could find on the internet, it was "don't do it!". I asked a friend who is really up on pet nutrition, has been for years, she feeds raw to her crew and they all do nicely. (We got some frozen raw Instinct bites last week, rabbit flavor and chicken flavor and I'm glad there's a refund if the animals don't like it; cats definitely weren't interested.)

Anyway, she said to let her have as much as she wants. And to powder some of the eggshell at least once a week and add a pinch for the calcium.

I'm thinking that maybe part of the lack of appetite is because she's been getting the prescribed dose of her thyroid meds. It hadn't kicked in when she was so hungry last week. I'm going to cut back on those to see if it helps kick it up a notch. As it is, I'm giving her A/D via syringe a couple of times a day. And she does nibble on kibble. And she likes the occassional taste of baby food. I add a probiotic to a small amount of baby food and syringe that into her mouth, making sure she's getting something.

We're still giving her fluids since she's not drinking much. This really bothers me.

Last week. I did some research on a different probiotic and started her on Proviable-DC. Amazingly, it's working! (Maybe the firming of the stools is a reason she's not drinking so much water as she had been, since the food is going through her system much more slowly than it had been, I dunno, the mind goes all over the place during times like this.) Her stools from last night and this morning are almost normal. Not perfect, but more formed than not. They are a weird color because of all the egg.

She's also sleeping a lot. In the morning, she definitely wants her breakfast and she's purring a little more than she had. But she's not out of the woods yet.

So, right now, we're just keeping our fingers crossed that she pulls through.

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