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      Sunday, October 21, 2018

12:05 PM - 10/21/2018

The topic: A little this,  a little that


So, with all the cat problems last week, I didn't do much in the way of working on my craft project(s). I finally finished the boxes this morning. I need to make bows and I ordered a Bowdabra from Amazon. I want to make a fancier bow than just the one I have on my shoelaces. I have paper that needs to be scored and folded and glued so that I have envelopes and that will be it for what I started this past summer. It will be nice to be finished.

Then I can work on getting that green Christmas tree put together. The one that has the lamp in it. I really need to put up photos of the projects I've done this year. But I need to focus on it and my mind has been all over the place.

Opie is doing a lot better. He's eating like a champ. Friday night he ate a small bit, then a little more an hour or so later. I'd bought some Sheba Perfect Portions from Chewy.com and it doesn't seem like there's much in a container, but he worked at eating half of it. This morning, he was eating a full container at one sitting, so he's doing much better. Eating is great when you have a sick kitty.

He was pretty needy, wanting to lay on me or be held by one of us (makes it hard to get anything done). Yesterday I held him up to the top of the fence so he could look over it and he liked that. He was alert and purring. His breathing is still noisy, but I've come to the conclusion nothing is blocked, he can smell, and, after giving him some Greenies this morning, which he ate without a problem, his throat isn't blocked. I know he can smell because he's still getting his allergy meds and I started putting them in a piece of pill pocket last night. He smelled that sucker right away and the pill was gone in no time.

I am going to check with the vet tomorrow to see if we can get his doxycyline in pill form. The liquid just gets drooled out. If I can do the pill pocket thing with an antibiotic, I'm sure we'll have a better chance of seeing if it works. I noticed this morning he has a brownish discharge from his eyes, which may indicate some sort of infection. So....

Oh, and we're going to take our inflatable Halloween cats to the vet's office. Maybe they'll get more use out of them than we do. They're really neat, but there's no reason to put them out if no kids come by. Last year it was just neighbors from up the street.

Brian did buy candy this morning, just in case. But he was adamant that leftovers get taken to the vet's office the next morning. I'm okay with that. I have a hard time with sugar anymore. It's really kind of sad. 

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