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      Saturday, June 01, 2019

11:42 AM - 06/01/2019

The topic: A little of this, a little of that


I'm doing okay, very little pain to speak of, not like before the surgery. My legs do get achy, but I'm hoping with more physical activity, that will lessen over time. Yesterday we took our longest walk in over two years, it was only a little over a half of a mile, but I'm making progress.

My housekeeping is getting better since I can actually do something instead of stewing about it or ignoring it. I'd probably be doing more if the sun would come out a little more often, I have a hard time getting going when it's cloudy. Sun energizes me. Maybe it's just because I can actually see what needs cleaning with more light.  lol

Cats are plodding along. Mario is still blind, my hopes of him getting his sight back are fading. I was watching him walking the other day and I was reminded of a pinball in a pinball machine. At this point, I'm starting to believe he had some sort of stroke before he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The only room he seems confident in, is the bedroom. And he can climb in and out of that window like a champ. He has to go to the head of the bed, stretch out, put his front paws at the edge of the window and climb on the headboard to push himself up. It's something to watch.

Sammy's eye is way better. I've been taking pictures a couple of times a week and will share them when it's back to normal. It was pretty awful for a while, but the swelling has gone down quite a bit and he's not rubbing at it like he had been (he rubbed all of the fur off over his eye). It was nasty.

I got the cardstock cut out for the embossing folders. Now all I need to do is get out the embossing machine and start embossing the front of the cardstock and labeling it. And only one folder never got the original name, Sizzix never got back to me on the official name.

We're glad Big Bang Theory is over, we're glad Game of Thrones is done. We binge watched Justified on Amazon streaming and now we're working on Deadwood (HBO).  It's tough for me to watch because I'm busy trying to figure out where we've see this or that actor before. On the tablet, hitting IMDB.

I'm all caught up with paperwork, for some reason it's not a big of a deal as I've always made it out to be. I dreaded it, now it's nothing. I like that.

I cancelled our Netflix DVD subscription last month, we had the one disk out at a time. We weren't watching them, I know this year I've returned at least four disks that we never watched, disks which just sat under the machine for two to three weeks. And I found out when I got the last three, that they're shipping from farther away so the turnaround is longer. Phoenix is farther away than Los Angeles. Some sleuthing found that they've closed quite a few distribution points over the past year.

I planned on doing this when I read and looked up the new Disney streaming coming available in November. Annual payment of less than seventy dollars gives you streaming access to their entire library. The Marvel universe, Star Wars (I've only seen the very first one), Disney....so much to see and twenty-five percent less a month than Netflix DVD option. And no waiting!

We'll keep Netflix streaming. Television is pretty much our main form of entertainment, so we're okay with our streaming services (we also subscribe to Hulu and CBSAll Access). Just one trip to a movie a month comes close to paying for the streaming services we get.

Anyway, that's my life right now. Not very exciting and I like it like that.

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