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      Saturday, December 12, 2009

08:15 AM - 12/12/2009

The topic: A double edged sword?


Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic way of looking at it, but…..

Bart is getting around a whole lot better than before. He’s not going to be entered in any kitty races, but he’s more active, that’s for sure.  I’ve seen him up in the dining room window drinking from the water crock up there.  I’ve seen him walk into the yard to pee. 

A couple of days ago, I saw him jump down by the four story cathouse and eat some grass.  All good.

The bad?

Well, I’ve mentioned how I get up at four in the morning to open the sliding door to let the cats out.  This morning, I slept late and it was a quarter to six when I got up.  I noticed Bart was not in bed with us earlier, for my two am trip to the bathroom (my dad spanked me for wetting the bed when I was little and I don’t believe I’ve slept the night through since).  I found him on the futon.

Well, when I went back to bed after opening the door, I got to wondering where he was.  I grabbed a flashlight and started looking for him.  I guess he went outside. And I shined the flashlight around the patio.  No Bart.  Then I walked out onto the grass and over by the lime tree. I shined the light where he eats grass.  Not there. Then I shined it down to the pool area. 

He was on the other side of the pool.  It was drizzling outside and seeing him down there made my heart leap.  I went down to get him and brought him back into the house. I put him on the bed.  Then I got back into bed.  He decided he didn’t want to be in the bedroom and he left.  And as I lay there, my mind was racing.  Where did he go?  Did he go back outside?  Is he down by the pool?  If he were to fall in, that would be the end.  I don’t think he has the strength to get out.  I never want to be in a position to find out.

I got out of bed.  I put on my robe. I got the flashlight. I went back outside. And he was, again, down by the pool.  I retrieved him, brought him in, shut the door, went into the garage to unlock the cat door (not all of the cats can do the cat door, but it’s looking like it’s time to learn).  And before this next week is out, Brian should have the fencing up around the pool again and the gate at the bottom. The same things we had when Buddog was older and had a hard time walking (remember the time I pulled him out of the pool?). 

Brian’s sorry that it will inconvenience the other cats.  But he’d be even sorrier if we found Bart floating in the pool.  So, fencing it is.

On the one hand, I’m thrilled that Bart is feeling well enough to go down there. But on the other hand, I know it’s just not safe for him.

The surface of the pool is rough, it’s a pebbletech type of finish, so the cats can climb out if they go in. I don’t worry about the others. But Bart, I just don’t think Bart would have the strength in his back legs to push himself out.


Hi there - I have a friend who imports these “Scamper Ramps” from the USA to Australia - I tell all of my friends with pets and small children about these - they also help lizards and other natives escape from pools…. here is a URL from a US based company - but you may find some others good products along these lines too!
May help get rid of some of your stress until the fence is built?
Hope it helps!

Posted by Kerry Bailey @ Sunday, December 13, 2009 - 12:38:05 AM

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