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      Friday, May 27, 2022

05:57 AM - 05/27/2022

The topic: Everything’s cool

Just having a hard time focusing. I'm getting a lot done, though.

Finally started washing floors earlier this month. With the three day weekend coming up, we'll have less expensive electricity rates for three days, which will make it easier. These utility companies, I swear. Our electric bill jumped over a hundred dollars in one month, with no increase in usage.  As a matter of fact, it was a winter month when we use less.

We had a tree problem again. Brian had called three tree companies earlier this year and they either didn't respond or were a lot more money that he wanted to pay. He said he'd just rent a cherry picker and do it himself. How fortuitous that a small company was across the street one Sunday morning, working on a neighbor's tree, they left a card in our screen, I found it and took it out to Brian right away. He went over and spoke to the owner of the company and by the end of the next week, the trees were severely cut back and the weeds and piled up tree needles on the bank were gone and the front yard was cleared of the same.

We have a negative nelly neighbor, an old guy who only talks to anyone when he has a complaint and the previous week he'd been over warning Brian that he was going to turn him in because one of the trees was dead at the top (fire hazard doncha know? all of our utilities are underground, there's zero possibility of a spark from that starting a tree fire) and that Brian's old work truck hadn't moved from it's spot on our driveway in years and even though a vehicle has been put in non-operational status, it still has to be moved at least four inches.  Wut?  Brian explained that he had been looking for someone to do the work on the trees and just furrowed his brow at the non-op for the truck.  (I did some research after this little visit and there's nothing about a non-op needing to be able to be moved - it was pure BS on the neighbor's part.)

He told Brian he was warning him because someone had turned him in and he wanted to give Brian a chance to fix these problems before getting into trouble. Nah, you're just a lonely, nosy old man that has burned all the bridges with all the neighbors and no one likes him any more.

We rescued another cat. He was in our yard one Saturday morning. Very friendly. We let him out. He was back the following Monday. Got him in to the vet's office, checking for a chip and tested for diseases and bloodwork done. He has a problem with one of his eyes and wasn't medicating that fun? No.

We set him up for a neuter the next Wednesday, giving the eye time to get better and the day before the surgery, he was gone. Out of the yard. I cancelled the appointment on Tuesday. Saturday, he was back. We had been letting all of the cats out at night in the short time he'd been here, but this time, we kept them all in. Because he really needed to be neutered. I called the vet on Monday to set up another neuter appointment and, bless their hearts, someone lost their place in line because they never confirmed their pet's appointment and Simon went in on that Monday morning and was home that afternoon. Yay.

We had installed a motion sensor sprinkler at the part of the yard we thought he'd gotten out of. The other cats had been watching and we didn't want them trying it out as well. But that next weekend, even though all the cats had been in the house overnight, when we let them out in the morning, he was gone again. But he wanted back in. He was at the top of the wire when the sprinkler went off. He didn't come back in. It took the neighbors behind us and next to us to get him home. And I checked on him every fifteen minutes or so.

But he hasn't shown any interest in leaving since then, so that's a good thing.

The Avengers are doing well. Goose plays fetch. It's a lot easier to tell Goose from Steve. Goose is bigger.

I got a new router since the older one wasn't cutting it. I don't think I'll ever buy another Netgear product. The new one is a Asus and it took me almost a week to get everything back up and running.

We've been doing a lot of program streaming the past couple of months. Brian had never seen "Breaking Bad", so he wasn't familiar with Bob Odenkirk. We watched the movie "Nobody" and I read that "Better Call Saul" was ending this season. I figured I'd try watching it again from the beginning and Brian watched with me (it is on AMC+).  Only six more episodes. "Resident Alien" is on our list as well. We watched all of  "Orphan Black", too. I am looking forward to the end of June when it starts to get dark earlier and we can start watching movies outside at night again. We have a couple that we decided not to watch until we can watch them on the big screen. lol

Well, that's about it for now. Brian's up and it's time for the day to start.

I hope to get back here with updates and details on things I wrote about. I just have to get my head in the right spot. Without distractions. So many of those lately.

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