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      Monday, April 08, 2019

07:50 AM - 04/08/2019

The topic: And life goes on

I'm progressing nicely. Trying to get in my three times a day walk. Every three days we take it a little farther. When we get to the top of the little hill and walk that for three days, I'll start with the cane and shorten the walk. Then gradually walk a little farther each day. The surgery was a month ago today, so I'm doing pretty well.

Problem is I've gotten cocky around the house and I'm pushing it a little harder than I should be. Saturday I did some vacuuming while Brian went grocery shopping and yesterday I did four loads of laundry. Not that it was very labor intensive, but I'm not using the cane to help get around. I need to use that more than I do.

I'm almost finished with my medications, I have three Meloxicam left and about two weeks of Tylenol, then I'm officially finished with the surgery meds. Yay!

We found out at the end of last month that Mario is blind, due to high blood pressure. He was started on medication, then went in for a recheck and his blood pressure was still high. His meds have been doubled. There's a fifty percent chance he'll see again, as long as we can get his blood pressure under control. The vet wants to see if we can get it down with meds, then start looking for the cause.

He gets around okay. It's not like we move furniture, so he doesn't have to learn where to go. He gets on the bed without any problems, same with  the sofa and loveseat. He even climbs into and down from the window in the bedroom. He does go outdoors, but stays close to the house. Either in the catnip of on the patio.

Here's a little video I took of him last week:

Nooby is still with us, I think he's probably stopped trying to leave the yard. And I do believe when he feels a need to hide, he heads to the garage. How cool is that? He lets me talk to him in the evening. He's still pretty cautious, I don't dare move too quickly. But he's coming around.

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      Friday, April 19, 2019

06:23 AM - 04/19/2019

The topic: It’s been six weeks

Since I spent most of the day in a hospital bed.

Things are moving along, this week I started walking up the street with a cane and not the rollater. Hopefully, we'll be at the top of the first little hill by the end of this weekend.

And yesterday I took my first trip in the car since the trip home. We went to the vet's with Mario. More on that later. I got in and out of the car with very little problem. 

I took my last "official" meds yesterday, I had to take Tylenol for six weeks and now, that's finished. I can go back to meds that work. (Tylenol never worked well for me.)

I can sit for longer than fifteen minutes at at time, I've made dinner twice this week, done some laundry, so it looks like I'm getting back to normal.

My last (I hope) doctor's appointment for this is next Thursday and fingers crossed that it will be it.

Last weekend I upgraded our internet to Gigablast and upgraded our cable to Contour. Both at no charge. The charge for the better speed was the same as we were paying and our cable equipment is old and on the way to not being supported. There were body contortions and step stool climbing to get it all done and I was a little sore earlier this week, but feel fine this morning. So, that's a good thing.

This morning, I'm starting to feel like my old self, except I can touch my right foot.



09:41 AM - 04/19/2019

The topic: Mario

He had a followup vet visit yesterday to see how he was doing with the increased blood pressure medicine.

I went with Brian and we didn't see the vet, they took Mario in his carrier into the back of the clinic to test him. We chatted with the receptionist until they were done.

I told her about petting him late Saturday night in bed and he was wet. Not falling in the pool wet, but his belly, tail and paws were pretty damp. I felt the bed covers and they were damp as well, so I don't know how long he'd been laying there. I got up, threw on a shirt and grabbed the flashlight, went outside to see if there were any areas around the pool where he may have fallen in and climbed out, but there were no wet tracks. So, the pool wasn't it. The grass by the avocado trees was wet, so I thought maybe he'd gone that direction, but wasn't sure.

After some discussion Sunday, Brian decided it would be best to block access to the pool for a cat who couldn't see. Monday morning, he went to Lowe's, bought some three foot wire fencing, and installed it along the railroad ties that are used as a retaining wall down to the pool. Most of it had already been blocked, since we had Buddy dog so many years ago. At some point, a fair amount had been removed. But now we wouldn't worry about Mario going into the pool.

Then Wednesday night, I was having a crap night's sleep and Mario wasn't in the bed. I got up and looked for him. He was on the patio, over on the little fountain that's outside. It runs during the day. The cats like to drink out of it. And I realized that's where he'd gotten wet last weekend. The water depth was perfect, about three inches, so his back and head wouldn't have gotten wet. This was a relief.

Anyway, the receptionist said "maybe you should get him a seeing eye dog!"  Yeah, okay. She's got a great sense of humor.

They brought Mario back out to us and told us they'd call with the results. We went home. An hour or so later, we got ready for my third walk of the day and my cell rang. It was the vet's office.

Mario's blood pressure had dropped considerably, it was almost normal! The increased medication was helping. The vet wanted me to increase how much he got in the morning, another half of a pill and she wants a recheck in two to three weeks.

I'm hoping he gets some of his sight back in the next six months, now that we have his BP under control. My fingers are crossed.

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      Monday, April 29, 2019

12:15 PM - 04/29/2019

The topic: I’m back!

I had an appointment with the surgery doc last week and things are progressing smoothly.

He was surprised I was still using the cane, said I most likely didn't need it at this point. I still have to be careful with certain movements, nothing too extreme, like twisting, that could pop the joint out of the socket. You also won't find me sitting cross legged on the floor.

I do tire easily, the walk up the little hill winds me because I'm so out of shape. The doctor warned me that I'll most likely be low energy for at least three months while the leg heals. The stem of the replacement is titanium, which he said works best to accommodate the growing bone.

So, I'm slowly getting back into a routine that doesn't have me laying on the sofa most of the time. Yay! And I was super excited to move back to my own bathroom for showers. And what's really cool is I can wash the lower right part of my right leg as well as my right foot! Top and bottom! And I don't need that device to put my socks on, either. I do take it slowly, no sudden movements, but that will all come back in time.

Yesterday, we actually saw a movie. Brian wanted to see Captain Marvel, but there was some confusion at the box office with the printed out passes we brought (once again, we were told they'd already been used, which I don't believe, I have another message into Regal to find out what's going on). Brian passed over cash, she printed out the tickets and handed them him. Inside, the ticket taker ripped the house's pieces off and told us "theater four". We didn't look at the tickets and didn't pay attention to the movie name when we walked into the theater.

We were kind of surprised there were so many folks there, not too many empty seats. Huh. For a movie that's been out for a couple of weeks? Not normal.

Anyway, we found end seats (I need to be on the end, I don't want to have to get up in the middle of the film and fall over peoples' legs, that could turn out badly for my new hip) and watched previews, then the movie started...

And we're wondering what the hell this has to do with Captain Marvel, then the title comes up. Avengers: Endgame.

Well, that explains a lot. So many people were getting tickets for that, that's just what she automatically sold us. Oh, well.

It was over three hours long, I had one trip to the restroom (I was very, very careful walking down the steps, holding on to the grab bar for dear life) and we sat there until there was no more. All through the credits. I know Brian was probably waiting for one of those things that happen sometimes in the end credits of a Marvel movie. There was nothing.

There was a fair amount of traffic on the ride home and every red light was waiting for us. And because of the sucky way one intersection's lights are set, it takes forever to go through (one set of lights, before the overpass, is city, the next set, on the other side of the overpass, the ones with access to the freeway, are set by Caltrans and they don't play well together, the timing is way off) . And I had to pee.

I was pretty worn out by the time we got home.

Earlier this month I got a notice from our cable provider that we could update our equipment at no extra charge. Our cable box is pretty old, but it's done right by us, we never had any problems with it. Anyway, I checked it out and we could get Contour for no more money. I also found that I could upgrade to Gigablast internet for no additional money, just had to pay a twenty dollar self installation fee. Great!

Well, our router wasn't approved for Gigablast, I had to upgrade that. I got one at CostCo, started the set up and kept getting a message to contact our provider. So, I did and one of the techs helped out, getting it up and running (they have send a turn on signal to the router from their end). And so far, they haven't tacked on the twenty dollar installation fee. We'll see if they catch that.

So, with that working, the new cable box installed, things are working nicely.  And I hoped this would put an end to the buffering problem on the Roku.

It did not. We have the fastest speed available, and in the middle of a show, it buffers and the thing spins. That's very frustrating. The past weekend, I decided to move the Nighthawk mesh range extender. It was on top of the grandfather clock on the other side of the wall, I moved it to the top of one of the bookcases in the family room. And so far, so good! The lights on it stay all blue since it's getting a pretty straight shot at the router. Not once has the connection to the router light turned amber since I moved it. 24/7, all five lights are blue.

We've been streaming Justified from Amazon all week since I made the change and it didn't buffer once. So, that's cool! Now all I need is a ten foot extension cord so I can set up the range extender a little more cleanly than I did. (I figured I'd see if it worked before spending any money.)

With all of the electronics working nicely, I went to my cable account to see what channels were available. It shows we have the 140+ plan, but on that plan, there are channels not available that we got before. History, Science, a few more. But the letter I got said you keep your same service. I turned on the television and the cable box and those channels are still live. I'm keeping that letter, just in case.

Now, another cool thing about moving the range extender. You may remember that back in December, I got a new television to work as a digital photo frame. And then in January, started having problems pulling the photos from the NAS, so I switched to a USB flash drive. Well, this morning, I decided to test the connection between the Roku tv, the range extender and the router to see if I'd get the error. It's probably been running for two hours now with no problem.

Knocking on wood it stays connected.

Well, that's it for this entry, as you can see, I'm getting back on the life track.


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01:05 PM - 04/29/2019

The topic: Let’s talk cats

Mario is still blind. He's getting around better, but the asshole cat Charlie better watch himself. I was seriously ready to hurt him last week after he attacked Mario. All Mario was doing was walking down the hallway.

Sammy has an appointment this coming Thursday. He's been sneezing for while now, never seemed to bother him much. But last week, his left nostril started to bleed. It's not continuous and at times look like it's done. But then he starts sneezing again and the bleeding starts back up.

Then, Saturday, his left was shut. I pulled the eyelids back and it was all puffy. I started him on Terramycin, but it doesn't seem to be helping much, so I called and made an appointment for him. I think he may have scratched it wiping his nose. His claws have been trimmed, just in case.

Nooby still stays hidden, except when he knows it's close to dinnertime. He'll be waiting for Brian to bring the food out, Nooby runs, waits, then when Brian walks away, Nooby doesn't waste much time heading the soft food.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same.

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